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  1. I'm trying to get GBACE to run on my phone. It doesn't run on landscape phones, but a blackjack user was able to get it running by rotating the screen. So far I haven't been able to do this on a T-Mobile Dash because almost every screen rotation program is incompatible.
  2. Is there any way to do this on the Tmobile Dash/HTC Excalibur? I've tried a few different programs, but none seem to work. If no program will do this, is there any way to change the screen size or rotate the screen via the registry?
  3. I can't get Pocket Quake to run properly on my Dash. The only version that doesn't freeze on the loading screen is the QVGA version, but when I run the game the graphics are messed up. I've noticed people with Blackjacks are complaining about the same problem. As far as I can tell, it is because both phones have landscape screens. Is their any way to get Quake running on my phone?
  4. Here you go PocketSNES.exe Edit:Almost forgot, you'll also need tgetfile.spvarm.CAB
  5. I can't get it to work on my T-Mobile Dash. I can get to a splash screen but nothing happens; I'm just stuck at the splash screen until I quit the program via SPHelper. For those who can't get the links to work I've reuploaded the files including the modified ini file and the bios FPSEce.zip
  6. Try MorphGear and SPHelper. Run SPHelper.exe then click the right softkey and choose SPHelper>Hide Then run MorphGear.exe Once MorphGear is open press and hold 0 Unfortunately MorphGear is not free and the sound doesn't seem to work on my phone. Otherwise it is a decent GBA emu. GBA.zip
  7. How do I associate a program with an extension, and if I change my mind later how do I disassociate the program?
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