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  1. This really echoes my thoughts on iPhone. If you want a simple but high end experience and don't care about changing things or tinkering, it's perfect. If you like to customise, hack, change, and upgrade stuff, you have to go Android.
  2. Have you tried the dual recording feature? How well does it work and how do you view the playback? Does it offer some kind of overlaying or just present them as two separate videos.
  3. This is great. Had a little play around with making it fill height, add borders etc but it seems to work best as yours is above: White background, centred and no border. Still a little hit and miss but works with a little patience
  4. Impressive specs for an IP67 rating. I'd be very interested to see what the underwater image quality is like. Might recommend this to a friend who has dropped no less than 3 phones down the toilet or in the sink.
  5. Why the hell do they insist on the stupid reconning of Dr Robotnik's name. This looks good though, might get on on the N4 to play with sixaxis. Can't stand on-screen controls.
  6. This seems a strange move. It seems a big driver, especially for the teen market, towards Blackberry devices. I can understand them wanting iOS on board as iPhones are an expensive device and less likely to compete in that space but with Android spanning everything from high end to budget, this could wind up losing them the teen market.
  7. Had the 10.1 nightlies on my Nexus 4 from day 1. Thanks to CyanDelta I can even crack flash every day when not in WiFi range! It's been totally stable for me for months. Apart from a very occasional bluetooth issue I've not had any problems at all. The PIE integration, extended desktop, status bar tweaks etc make this the best ROM by far. Glad it's going RC.
  8. I'm tempted to try but, good grief Facebook, stop trying to take over my ENTIRE life!
  9. YAY! I won. Thanks Paul/Modaco team! I've been looking at which offline maps app to spend the fairly hefty asking price on. Now I don't have to! Thanks again
  10. If it's separate I hope they offer some kind of discount for us loyal users. Not that they have to of course but they seem the kind of nice company that might.
  11. Have to say, I was an ardent fan of SwiftKey until I got the Nexus 4 but have found the 4.2 keyboard to be pretty nice to use. I've downloaded the beta of this and so far it does seem to be the best of both; Lovely swiping action but with much better corrections and suggestions. Any idea on the final price?
  12. The camera doesn't have photosphere. Is there a way to enable it?
  13. They need to do what they can to push Google+ to be honest. It's very good but just lacks the general uptake so this could work from two angles. It'll hopefully reduce the inane and/or hateful reviews and also increase usage of G+
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