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  1. lol i was referring to the user interface in particular when i said OS. Am sure u know that very OS has own interface right? am not making it personal. i have made a decision and i dont expect u to necessary agree to it but am sure other can understand what i mean
  2. Am not leaving this site because its really is great
  3. I think the safest route that i took was to grab myself a rom from the samsung website and after that had gone perfectly well i was able to grab some of secany's roms and update. it can be risky but i think this route is much safer even though u still have to follow the correct procedure
  4. lol totally agree. every mobile company will like to have its phones being used my everyone. Take blackberry for example, it used to be marketed directly for business driven ppl but they are now trying to open up more to the broader market. A company wouldnt be stupid to market its product exclusively to just a particular ppl.
  5. LOL nelkz i would like to have given you my omnia if only i was that rich lol. i have returned it for a full refund :D
  6. Coming from a person that has a degree in Information systems i will say am very technical but u cant deny the fact that iphone has a great OS (User interface) and thats what has attracted me to it most. i like a well designed phone however, am not putiing omnia down at all. I think i need to make that CLEAR
  7. lol wow some very passionate comment but i parshly agree with what you saying.
  8. Thats not the point am trying to make. I haven't point out that the iphone is better than Omnia but just trying to say based on personal experience on using Omnia for nearly three months, its a hard work. I obviously liked the omnia very much to paid.....(more than the iphone) to purchase it but am in favour of userability at this point in time and hence, like the iphone.
  9. Am just bored with phone, windows could be improved but microsoft aint bothered to and there aint many good games for windows. Omnia might have much more features but u cant deny the fact that the iphone has little exciting features but puts it above the omnia. you are free to comment. :lol: just be nice lol.....
  10. i hope u get very interested in the phone just like most users on this forum :D
  11. it could be shozu because i had the same problem when i had it activated and i had to reset. I suggest to reset and dont activate shozu if you had already. hope it helps
  12. I have been scared to update my omnia since i twice bricked my omnia.....However since my omnia is from indonesia i have downloaded DXHH3 from the samsung wesite and has sucessfully updated to DXHH3. It is behind in terms of the versions that are available at the moment but i think its much safer to use the official samsung updates. [*]So any1 thinking of updating should not update to DXHJI straight away, if your not confident enough try an official version first then if confident enough. :lol: I have updated from DXHG3 to DXHH3 ;) Leave comments if yo wanna know how i updated........ :D Quick update:: am in the uk and seems be not have my network available in the operator settings. anyidea how to get that because it was available when i had DXHG3 thanks
  13. Thanks. it has been corrected and its encouraging that ppl seems happy with their update. i might take the bold route and update mine.
  14. Thats exactly what i have been thinking but u can get the softwares on the net so am not that bothered about it.
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