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  1. Sadly...it returns a blank ...a friend of mine gave me a copy of his entire EFS folder...with the NV_Data.bin file...can something in there help?
  2. .tried reflashing...tried other roms..same thing...currently reading up on EFS and the likes...really wish someone would point me in the right direction..but thanks anyway
  3. Ok Guys...i need some help here...please....i am coming from Litening ROM and wiped and flashed MCR Gr1 via CWM....upon reboot i realized i had no signal from my network, and my baseband is now unknown....can anybody help????
  4. I've been having this problem for a while. I'm currently running FroYo which i thought would help but it doesnt. I've ensured that My Location Services are on but Maps and Earth keep showing my location off the coast of Jamaica when i'm actually in Antigua. I've travelled to numerous countries and i'm always still in Jamiaca when running from cell towers. I hardly ever get a satellite fix, i only get it using 'GPS Status' and it still works like 1 in every 20 tries, but when i do get a fix it is accurate. My latitude privacy setting is set to "detect location," my GPS and Cell tower location are on so i dont know why i'm always near Jamaica. When i use the third party app "Anntenna" it shows the cell towers i'm connected to and gives me a near accurate location, but maps just does not show me anywhere near where i am and sometime it just says "your current location is temporarily unavailable." Is there something i can do to test that the hardware is functioning as it supposed to? idk what else to do I've tried: Clearing the maps data cache, uninstalling and reinstalling, powering off, hard reseting, switching privacy setting in Latitude and nothing seems to work..someone help!
  5. Has the alpha's been d-odexed all the time? what theme are you running?
  6. OK...flashed alpha 11 and i can find barcode scanner, twidroid etc in the market with no problem. No syncing issues either, only real issue i have is the camera flash...i didnt do a wipe just flashed over Alpha 10...weird
  7. lol..your gonna enjoy it, trust me. I'm guessing St Johns is Antigua...thats where i am!
  8. HOTT!!!! Which island you heading?
  9. Great news P, will this build include the stock camera app or sense? next question, is there anything that can be done to the HTC clock widget so taht it displays the system time? and "big up" to 7500r straight from the Caribbean!
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