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  1. hello :) Does anyone have the cab file of skype? They removed all links of windows mobile on the skype page. thx
  2. the rom will be awesome, but what im missing is the full weather icons in the home screen.. is this possible ? :D PEACe and thx for your hard work
  3. how you made the home screen weather to full screen? Do you have a cab or something? thx
  4. how you made the home screen weather to full screen? Do you have a cab or something? thx
  5. hello ;D Thx for the cab works fine, but theres one issue. i can only add 18 Programs in the launcher tab. If i try to add another i get to the programs, but it wont add any more program, then the 18. do you know what to do? thx
  6. Hello! I have a big Problem. Yesterday i flashed my Omnia in windows7 x64 in XP Mode. Everything was okay and the Omnia is pretty faster. After this i wanted to flash my Brothers Omnia. But it won't work.(failure Code 10) so i tried to flash it in ubuntu in vmware workstation 7 (failure code 10) i rebooted and tried again in windows7 but now with grandprix. Everything was fine, except the phone part. (cant open port or something) now when i start the omnia there is a handysymbol and a computer with a yellow triangle with ! between and no omnia logo. (but it still starts with the new pda part). I tried everything but it wont work to update the phone part or remove the failure on boot. I tried the xpmodem drivers, toshiba drivers, 64bit drivers. I also tried to flash in Seven with grandprix for vista, but no luck. and now i cant update the bootloader and the pdaimage anymore (dont know why). I looked, but the driver is correctly installed in the device manager. Can somebody help me. Sorry for my english. PEACE
  7. hello ;D I flashed my Omnia and the Omnia of my Brother several times. Yesterday i tried to flash mine on Win7 with XP Mode. Everything was okay and my Omnia works fine. Today i wanted to flash my brothers omnia with the same FW and the same OS (Win7+XP MOD) But when i connect the omnia to xp i always get code 10 cant start device. I tried to format the omnia, uninstall samsung modem driver, uninstall active sync. reinstall... same result. i dont know what to do .... i cant get it started. XP Mod recognizes the omnia but with failure code 10 (no matter if in active sync or with the flash prog) after another format the omnia hangs in the calibration screen. (i can align the screen 10000 times but it wont work) i dont even get to the pin. please help me :) thx edit: Problem with the calibration screen solved, but still cant connect-
  8. anyone knows a solution for the bug with fingerkeyboard? i tried resco keyboard too, but the same thing. Always Samsung Keyboard instead. if i change it nothing happens... (exept the samsung sips) in the i910 rom section i read in bgils rom thread something about ... SIP Oberlay fixed... maybe he knows a solution .. :) thx
  9. i know a method to override the bug *g* Home-Widget Operator widget sms mail program internet location weather settings and it works PEACE
  10. Is there any way to increase the size of the Panorama pictures taken by the omnia. i wrote a thread in the samsung forum, but nobody did answer. I think it would be possible to make full (5MP) Panorama Pictures. (the cpu and ram should be enough, or not?) thx for answering ;D PCE
  11. Hello ;D Could you please re upload the skin for the caller id. Its not available anymore on megaupload. thx
  12. hello ;D have you changed de softkeys in the googlemaps taB? i tried to relink it like before with vjkbrisk but now googlemaps wont start andymore. any idea? greets
  13. hello :) For me its working well too. and the sound is amazing (headphone and handset) But when my phone rings it roars. sorry for the english *g*
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