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  1. Don't get excited, I haven't got a solution, sorry dude, but it's interesting cos I've just posted a message to this forum with what seems to be almost exactly the same problem.... I can't remember if it kicked off by someone sending me a MMS, and initially I was getting an "Invalid SIM" error, but now it just does what you describe.... see/sub to my post at: http://www.modaco.com/content/i617-i617-mo...n-other-phones/ If you get anywhere, can you let me know please? And I will do the same Cheers
  2. I bought an unlocked AT&T branded SGH-i617 from Canadian web store last year. I upgraded it successfully to WM 6.1 and then brought it back to the UK with me and signed up with T-Mobile (I just like their Flext plans!). It worked fine for about 2 months then one day decided to show "invalid SIM" and wouldn't let me do anything with the phone - I couldn't get past that message. The T-Mobile SIM would work fine in other phones (I've since purchased a god awful KU-990 but hey, at least it makes calls and txts) and I've put an old AT&T SIM in the phone for testing. What I have tried from reading posts about this error message on other phones is this: 1. Take the sim out, use a pencil eraser (rubber if you're in the UK :excl: ) to clean the sim contacts and the phone contacts 2. Pressed the old power on set of keys to get to the low level software to format the phone (Home, down and power on possibly? The same one used in the WM6.1 upgrade to reboot the thing) 3. Tried with and without SIM cards in Now what it's doing when switched on is to show the animated swishing 3G bars, shows the WM bootup screen, then it switches itself off after a few minutes (with the animated "Goodbye" screen) Oddly, if I plug the phone into a usb port on my compy (Ubuntu Linux) the compy's network manager connects to "auto eth2" automatically. It doesn't do anything of course, but it "feels" like the phone's not entire dead. Is there anything I can do to reincarnate it? I can run windows on other compies as I know there's so many issues with running this phone through ubuntu, if that helps :excl: I really liked this phone and would love to have it working again Thanks
  3. LMAO @ removing linux and installing XP. I'm a diehard Ubuntu fan (on Hardy as I type) and wondered about all this too, except, tbh, more for installing apps, music and general non PIM syncing. However, as has been mentioned before SyncCE seems to be a popular tool, but also seems to be a royal pain in the arse. You could try MultiSync which seems to have a better GUI and integration with Evolution. However, for getting apps etc to work, you simply NEED MS ActiveSync. Boo! So what I did was install XP. As a VirtualBox guest OS. Hurrah! Unless you're an uber geek that will only ever use the true Open Source version of VBox, download ver 2.x of the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL) which apparently has slightly better USB Support, but even then I've found it to be a bit picky about how you connect the phone (http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads). Of course, it is "free" still. Then you can use whatever you like and STILL have CompizFusion Vista kicking eyecandy all for free :( (assuming that is you have your legal copy of XP still :wacko: ) PM me if you have problems and want any tips using VBox with your BJII Edit: PS Thanks to Matt for the Funambol tip - will go lookat that too ;)
  4. Have a look through the 200+ posts on http://www.myblackjack2.com/news/windows-m...e-blackjack-ii/ (including my own issues ;) ) Did the upgrade finish smoothly and does entering *#1234# on the phone show both the PDA and Phone versions as i617UCHH? If not then the upgrade didn't work correctly and you'll need to go through the full upgrade process again. Even if the 2 version numbers are the same, do the upgrade again all the same.... Hope this helps
  5. Me too... AND I am using Ubuntu Hardy with VirtualBox having a XP SP3 guest OS - it took me ages to work out how to get the phone to connect to ActiveSync within the VM let alone get as far as you did ;) However, if you go here: My BlackJack 2 WM 6.1 Update you'll see there's rather a lot of other ppl having all sorts of issues. Your post was like the ONLY post I could find on the 'net that had detailed exactly the same issue I had... Anyway, follow the link and note the first troubleshooting Q&A point... Just to confirm, I followed the Samsung instructions to the T, installed the modem drivers and checked all 3 devices were present. I have an unlocked AT&T SGH-i617. And it looks like you got to exactly the same point I did. If you look at the first step on-screen - when it's trying to connect to the device - it tells you something about putting the phone in Download Mode, if I recall correctly, but your phone is showing the 'MEM_RES bit. The trick here is to NOT shut down the ROM updater program and restart everything: Take the battery out of your phone to switch it off, then power it back on, putting it into the Download mode (volume up + back key + power on). I think I'd disconnected the cable by this point (it's all a frustrated blur haha), but you can leave it connected also I think - either way, the phone shows a similar screen to the one pre-switch off and then the ROM updater picked up the connection and started doing it's thang.... However... I then got the problem detailed at MyBlackJack2.com by "shalantas Says: September 3rd, 2008 at 9:45 am" re the fast countdown thing... I called Samsung USA support, got put through to 3rd level support, but gave up waiting after 40mins in a queue... Closed my eyes, prayed and rebooted the phone, sweated whilst the Samsung logo stayed on screen for slightly longer than I was comfortable with and hey presto WM 6.1! Well, not quite cos the ROM updater hadn't technically finished... When the phone reboots to WM 6.1, finish the Samsung update instructions - Step 5 and 6 - format the phone and then check the version numbers. Mine shows: PDA: i617UCHH2 (correct version for the post-6.1 update) Phone: i617UCGK2 (which is the original version number for both lines) The shiny new sliding panel eye-candy display works fine, as does the restructured menus, but I'm not sure about everything else that's updated or new (I haven't got an iDrive BMW to hand to check that feature...). The suggestion is to try re-doing the update again, perhaps with turning off the phone function using the wireless connection manager, which I will do when I can face another couple of hours of working this stuff out.... Or maybe just wait until Samsung / AT&T re-re-release the update? Samsung support certainly hinted they'd been having a lot of calls about this... :wacko: If none of this makes sense, PM me and I'll try putting together better, detailed instructions of what I did.... Good luck! BTW, does anyone know what issues I can expect by keeping the phone in a semi-upgraded state?
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