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  1. This might work for a skin Rose_FM_Radio.zip
  2. What might be most awesome is if someone could post the FM application that comes with the S740?
  3. I hope everyone sees this as the US version S743 DOES yes DOES have FM Radio!! Run the attached cab on your device and you'll be quite surprised. Note that you will need to edit the .xml files in \windows in order to make it display right since I think it's made for 640x480 displays. But yeah it scanned my stations and found them on my S743! FM_Radio.cab
  4. You're quite welcome. On an off subject, have you had any luck overclocking it? How has your experience been since I've seen that you've previously had or still have an s730?
  5. Copy both files to the phone, Run the E72 Unlock first, run the other one 2nd then reboot the phone. Pretty much anything can install now, but I would recommend also downloading and installing Microsoft's Security Configuration Manager. This will allow you to set the security on your phone to completely off if you wish. E72_Unlock.cab Unlock.Disable.cab
  6. I've had the opportunity to test the S730 and I can certainly say that I had very high expectations which were quickly destroyed shortly after taking it out of the box. This thing is heavy, games are not quick by the standards of other smartphones and pocket pc's. It is rather ugly, if you think it's ugly from photo's, get it in your hand and use it for a moment, that'll really get you believing in how ugly it can really be. Aside from games, movie's are not the best on it either. I will note though, that it can capture video at 320x240 at a decent frame rate, I was REALLY impressed with that! Though it doesn't seem to play it back as well as a computer can, odd. My normal device is currently an S310 and right now, it's back at HTC as one day it just wouldn't boot. It happened the day after I ordered this phone to try out and wow do I miss that thing. My final conclusion on this device is that it is slower at most things that I use than the S310...
  7. As soon as the purchaseable release comes out, just let us know the final details on getting you paid! :)
  8. Hello everyone! I'm sure we're all familiar with certain games that just don't like to be interupted, such as when a call comes. Does anyone know of a way to make a shortcut to the game that will first put the phone in flight mode, run the game, then upon exit, turn flight mode off? I know it's a bit odd, but just wondering if any else has wondered or by chance tried this, or even tried to launch multiple applications with just one shortcut. Thanks ppls! :)
  9. Though I can't get this to work on an imate sp5, it seems to be working great with htc s310. I've tried doom1 and 2 so far...
  10. I'm using an HTC Oxygen or S310, and it crashes, and just goes back to file explorer, if I rotate the screen to 270 and use anything other than fit2win* or fit2win. I'm using .25 Everything else seems to work ok at the moment. When using fit2win or fit2win* whether fast rendering is enabled or not, it still looks really bad. Anything you need from me to help figure out what's goin on?
  11. Because I have an SP5 with very little internal storage, I must rely on the SD for alot. I've found this app to be awesome as most would agree, but I was wondering if there is a way that anyone would know of to force the application to stay ontop of all other programs until closed out. I only ask since it's imparative that I deactivate it when done and I certainly don't want to forget to do that. Anyone know of a solution?
  12. I'm sorry to report that I've tried this tweak many different ways on my wm5 smartphone with no luck. Is there something else that may need to be done?
  13. I've tried all the threads I could find on modaco and the button always says contacts and it never opens up anything but contacts. I've tried exe's and lnk's with and without quotes, etc. It has just never worked on my sp5. For those that have had success on this exact device, can you explain exactly what you dead? Thanks!
  14. So where would that leave those of us that want a functional version of the emulator?
  15. I'm having trouble opening .smd files, the explorer doesn't see them. Also, when I'm playing a game, say Mario3 or super mario world, and I save a state in slot 1, I can't save into that slot again until I close and reopen the emulator. This occurs with slot 2, 3, 4, etc. Is there anyway to allowed over writing of saved slots while still in the game? It doesn't take too long to occupy all the slots and then have to close out and refill them all back up again.
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