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  1. Nick5ter

    The HTC HD 7 'Ask Paul' topic

    Updates are not pushed or fetched when the tile is place on the home screen. Was lucky enough to get a HD7 though work, Just phoned out Accounts manger and got it unlocked for nothing :P fantastic OS but very limited at the moment.
  2. Had one of these for about two months, it as nice and tight at the beginning... it is true that it leaves marks but that's only while it is wearing in. Problem I had is that it got too loose, so it became quite flimsy. Nothing wrong with the case, just ended up getting a gel case as personal preference.
  3. Nick5ter

    Desire Sleep = WiFi unresponsive (2.2, r21)

    Same problem, appears to be a problem with the rom as Nexus One users are also have the problems.... Yet whenever i mention it... not one ever responds or acknowledge the issue. Its nice to know im not the only one :) Froyo+Sense Leak will be here soon, so I'll give that a wirl and see if the problem still exists :D
  4. Nick5ter

    MCR r21 Archive

    Hi Paul, Any chance of looking at the wifi issue, looks like it might be the froyo build that might be the problem as many users including n1 users are having the problem... If you need me to do anything to help get to the bottom of this... I understand its nothing to do with your build as it happens on all builds of froyo.. :lol: Nick
  5. Nick5ter

    MCR r21 Archive

    Wifi works, but it turns off when the Device goes the sleep. The WiFi Sleep Policy is set to never, and the wifi connection appears to be maintained but it drops the actual connection meaning that any streaming media or exchange push mail does not get to the device. Best way to test would be to ping the device with the -t switch and watch it drop as soon as that screen goes off... Ofc if you set the wifi sleep policy to disable the wifi when the screen goes to sleep the device switches to 3G defeating the whole point of having wifi on the device if you say want to stream last.fm... Email ain't so much a problem as that doesn't eat loads of data. So if someone does know a solution to this problem i'd be very grateful.
  6. Do not remove the touch player or atleast put it in cab form can it be installed onto the internal storage card?
  7. Hi Passoa, You remember me saying how the bluetooth audio would cut out when listening to music... well still happens on this new rom, but it happens even without the bluetooth connected but not as often. The connection to the computer seems to be a vista and device ceter thing, its just crap :D.. just using a VM image of XP now just fine. Time doesnt appear to be out of sync anymore :lol: and lastly the power light on the top doesnt work when i install Garmin XT thingy ;) I have to say though that the battery life on this thing is so much better... since your second release. Thanks Nick
  8. Nick5ter

    Definitive answer

    The Latest is HJ6, SPB Backup will restore only what you have backed up, if you do a full back up it overwrites some of the files in the windows directory and the firmware would probably show as DXHJ6/MSHG1 for you as your be backing up from your previous firmware... Probably not the best idea as your overwrite newer files with old ones and probably cause problems... atlease thats i think :lol:
  9. Not sure of the relevence, but do we still need the stream player if flash is now working for YouTube? anychance of getting shot of it and free say 5mb' of memory? Also the 8 samsung wall papers located in the windows director....
  10. yep same aswell, i just think it is bogged down. I look like a twit trying to type on the train while listening to music lol... will it ever end :lol:
  11. Few problems now... Hard resetting doesnt seem to resolve it either, Cant seem to sync the phone to any of my Vista Computers. havent tried my XP yet. Also the power light doesnt emit when the power is plugged in while it is on, but does when the unit is off and charging. O yea and the time seems to keep lossing sync, seems like fast as when i wake up in the morning the clock is like 15 mins ahead of everything else.
  12. Nick5ter

    flashlite 3.1

    Only way its going to work at the moment is with Custom ROM: Manilla2D with FlashLite 3.1 (DTHJ5/M2D01) Flash Lite 2.1 is not compatible or removable unless you cut it from the rom by cooking it.

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