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  1. honestly? I don't know. I think it has something to do with webview.dll file.
  2. Thx that fixed the phone button hmmm something weird is happending with the email.. I couldn't get it to work with this rom even with the fix, So i tried xlightwaverx x-920 (awesome job BTW!) and setup email. worked fine for few hours then started doing the same thing. i see the new emails but cant open them. so I flashed x-920 sense... same thing, ninja4hire OP7... same thing. everytime, it works fine for few hours and then doesnt work. I'm using it to sync gmail if that helps.
  3. im using the 6.5 ltralite and my call button doesnt work at all. if i hold down the call button, i get an error message for voicerecognition.
  4. I'm almost done getting the dumps. I just couldnt get to it this weekend. My church made me a small group leader and had to do that all weekend. Hopefully i can have it finished by the weekend. @Almar, I looked into the GPIO project. Would that help speed up the porting process?
  5. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1589485
  6. I have about 2000+ txt messages (inbox & sent) and its locking up. Blackberry had no problem handling 5000+ messages. Just curious.
  7. @nickmo20. Im almost done getting the memory dumps. Would you mind comparing your output with mine when you are finished? I just want to make sure we get consistent data.
  8. I got the MMU dump easy enough, but I dont understand the next part "What you need to do is pick the reg out of the xps" Guys? any ideas??
  9. soo.. heres how far i've got. Dusted off my old laptop, Installed Ubuntu 10.10 Apt-get'ed all the packages i'd need according to the guide on kandroid.org git'ed froyo aosp source git'ed Samsung Spica froyo source added/removed some binaries to see if i can get it to at least boot. compiled "something" it took like 3 hours... I have a ramdisk.img on /out/target/product/generic folder. and now i don't know what to do. help...????
  10. I've been following the thread as well. Looks real promising! Sandor and Almar said they'd share the source, but who knows how long that would be... I know its WAY out of my league, but I installed a new Ubuntu and downloaded the Froyo AOSP. Looks like most of the hardware has driver/binaries out there for it but the hardest/maybe impossible part will be the RIL as there isn't one we can just steal it from... Any ideas??
  11. THX AMD for another amazing ROM!! Couple of things. In HTC Messenger, you can't type in Korean, you can everywhere else, including on the quick text, but not on the text box itself. Any Ideas?? I googled for this topic but could not find any information. Also, I looked in the CAP repositories and could not find a CAB for samsung communities. I only use it for uploading pictures to Facebook. If you could CAB it? or have suggestion for a different app? Thank you for staying with us!
  12. Yeah i agree. At first, it seems pretty good, but after a while, all the little bugs started to be annoying. So right now, I'm using this rom plus all the OP7 goodies and Host V1.5,. working pretty well, except for the little annoyance where WinMo closes down Host sometimes for no reason
  13. Did you try the new Windows Phone 7 Theme 2.0 for Throttlelauncher?
  14. Windows 7 32bit? 64bit? Did you disable the Signed Driver Enforcement thing during boot?
  15. I've been with Verizon for 12+ years (When they were airtouch wireless) and they wont give me any kind of deal like that!! well... they DID let me fully upgrade my phone 9 months into the contract few times...

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