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  1. Years ago I bought a 3rd party battery for a phone, the capacity was a lot more than the OEM one, but this high capacity battery was useless, in the cold weather it would drain about 40% over night and this was with the battery out of the phone. When it wasn’t cold the battery lasted a lot less than the OEM one, so for me I would always my the OEM when it comes to batteries.
  2. Search ebay for “Samsung galaxy i9100 pouch” I got a mofi pouch, very good pouch. I have also ordered a martin fields screen protector, but not got it yet.
  3. What I have noticed after using opera even after you exit the top of the screen where the start is disappears, you need to soft reset to restore it. Tarqon You say you would like an option to disable flash, but since early build of 9.5 opera has no flash support, which is a big negative.
  4. Flashing this ROM only took half the time compaired to G7, they have fixed the lock screen bug in this ROM but the new message sounds is still tied to system volume and not the ringer volume. Coreplayer in this ROM runs very bad, it is very laggy with texture ripping but everything else is fast.
  5. I’ve uploaded a video so you can see what I mean, everything that came with the phone that can go in landscape will on the TV but if you have installed it then it will be displayed in portrait as you can see with the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgVy7f2raDU
  6. What I mean when I said it doesn’t play what’s onscreen is the video, when displaying on the TV its always in landscape even if the video is in portrait on the phone, coreplayer hasn’t got support for omnia 2 TV out, when playing video maybe it uses hardware so thats why touch player and WM player work and coreplayer wont, as for everything else it will be displayed on the TV.
  7. Yes the youtube videos of the iphone 3GS look better than this, they look sharper,
  8. Its hard to video because of reflections but in the sun I can clearly see my screen, its only watching video thats not to good, but everything else is good.
  9. For me the GPS on the omnia 2 is the same as it was on the i900
  10. I think the quality is very poor, the i8910 and iphone video recording is much better.
  11. Yes it shows everything, and the menus are very sharp unlike the i900.
  12. Got it from ebay, but quite expensive £1.99 lol, was meant for nokia N97 but they are all the same, the quality looks good too, its just a 3.5mm plug to RCA but the plug has 4 sections not 3 like earphones.
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