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  1. I'm having the same problem.... Anyone? Would really appreciate to try this ROM.
  2. Hey everyone! I've just put the classic titanium rom and it looks great. Buy I've got 2 or 3 issues that I can't understand. This happened with both versions of the roms currently avaiable. I'm really newbie to this stuff and to WM in general. But when I try to change the type of keybord to fingerkeybord or to samsung phonepad, it simply wont! I hit the OK button and is again the same samsung keyboard selected!! I cannot understand this. And when I go to see the defenitions there isn't any kind of sound avaiable to choose as the call receiving sound. I'm yet to found a WM6.5 roms that works on a basic level. Probably is just me that can't find out what to do here. But... If you can help me with this I would be most welcome.
  3. Hey people, sorry for the topic only for this, but havent found an answer anywhere. Is there a way to stop the message threding in this windows like it was possible in the 6.1? I cannot use my omnia with that Cr*p working! :D I still use it a lot as a mobile phone! And, is there a way to change the taskbar icons to something better then those white pixels? Thanks!!
  4. It seems that no one shares the same problem that I have... Maybe I'll just change ROM again and hope the problem goes away...
  5. Hello everyone! I'm having a small problem, that is really a pain in the a**! I usually write a lot of sms's, and I use the samsung phonepad for it. Since I came from a non-PDA phone, I'm very fond and used to the xt9 dic, and writing with it with 9 keys. The Omnia permits me to do the same, as you know, but in the last 3 Roms I've used the same problem bugs me. Randomly, specially when some other aplication is in memory, the xt9 will be working, selected, but the option below the writting area won't appear!!! Lets say, I want the second word, the first will finish by itself, but I can't choose the second one (or any other, since I don't have that small window of choices with the arrows to surf around). This is a RANDOM situation, since it happend after a reset, after a long time of usage, with or without other programs working and also it started to appear in the middle of a sms writing. I don't know if you guys can understand what I'm saying... Since I'm new to the PPC scene, maybe I'm not getting something... I thought it was the rom, but it isn't... I'm using a recent one. Help will be rewarded with a nice fluffy PM! :(
  6. Hellbender, you know you've got a lot of support from we all. I hope you find the coders needed for this project. I'm sure I can't help out, I'm pharmacist, not a coder... If you need any medication to carry on just ring a bell! :(
  7. Hello everyone, I've been using the search tool a lot, but there are some stuff that I can't find an answer. If someone care to help me I would be most thankful! :) Currently I've just uploaded a new rom, its the MobileTurk M2D IA2, and it has most of the features I was looking for now. But a couple of problems and new questions arrived: 1- There is only the english in the xt9 dict. I've already installed a 14 language cab found somwhere here, but it's still the same, is there a way to put another languages warking? 2- Where can I find the original samsung alarm utility? And If it exists, how can I make it launch when I press the clock in today on M2D? 3- I've seen some slick looking pics where people changes the upper tab logos (battery, antena...) for some collored ones, how can I do this? 4- Is there a good just locking app that is compatible with m2d and omnia? Thats it for now, I think... :D Thanks for all the attention, this is a really great forum!
  8. The topic says it all, what is the best way (app) to manage the sms's from a laptop or pc? I've got hundreds, and it would bem a lot easier to manage them from a computer. Specially since I want to keep some and I want to put new roms and all. Thanks!
  9. I cant even desactivate it like you said (Don't have that "other" menu), I'd given out hope of getting it. I would love that also, since I mostly use Wi-Fi for the internet. Is there any way to do this?
  10. Hi everyone! First, thanks for all your effort Passoa, this is a really great rom, and I'm enjoying my Omnia much more after installing this. Cannot thank you enough. I've been reading across all this posts and trying to be updated. I'm still in M2D02, and I'm loving it, apart from a strange situation. I use the samsung phonepad, and I use Portuguese XT9 for writing SMS's. Till here all normal, but randomly the XT9 options for changing/choosing word (dunno how to call it, its the up/down several option menu that pops under the written text) just doesn't appear. This is really strange, since the current word beeing written still appear underlined, meaning the XT9 is active, but the choice menu is a no-no. I really want to keep using this Rom, and don't want to go back to regular non Manilla ones, but I've gotta fix this, because I use a lot of Sms's. Do anyone know what could be happening? Maybe I'm missing something... I've tryed soft and hard reboot. Maybe I just have to wait for the M2D04... (BTW, is the portrait development in good shape? I hope I could help, but I'm a pharmacist, I don't get S**t about this! B)) Keep up the good work!
  11. That happens because you're using today1, the Pt usually gives that problem. Just use Today2, you'll see it will stop happening. Or just update the ROM!
  12. I'm now for half an hour at this step: http://img407.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rebootvj9.jpg and nothing happens. Should I turn the phone on? Isn't this supposed to happen?
  13. I'm in this step of rom upload, but the phone is stopped, it didn't boot. is this normal? Am I supposed to turn it on? It's my first time!! http://img407.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rebootvj9.jpg
  14. Hi everyone, I`m a rookie in wm and in the omnia, I`m just getting ready to change the rom, but I would like to save the SMS's (messages) I've received so far. I thought they would stand as mails, but they were not saved upon the synchronization, so I'm kind of clueless now. Is there a way to save them??
  15. Hello everyone! I bought an Omnia not so long ago, so I could do the jump to more advance mobile phone. All in All I kind of like the phone, but there are a lot of issues. Mostly is because I didn't spent enough time into it to fully understand 90% the topics I read around here. But this topic is about games. I've tryed a number of java games, and most of them simply don't work, specially because the phone lacks another 2 hard buttuns. I would love to play some kind of RPG, specially a final fantasy or something, but obviously the Omnia can't run an emulator! That's what sucks. It has really advanced features, but it fails in some really elementary ones... And most of the things you are able to do, you have to spend hours tweking it up!
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