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  1. Maybe I'm missing smth obvious (relatively new to Android....) but how can I add other input languages (to e.g. Swype) than those avail in this firmware ? TIA...
  2. Hello all, First, a disclaimer: While I've been using WM for > 10 yrs, I'm new (3-4 days) to Android and the Galaxy, so please bear with me. I have problems in connecting the Galaxy S to the Internet via the USB cable through the host internet connection and, reversely, "USB conenction tethering" i.e. using it as the 3G modem. I'm using Win7 64bit and factory supplied ROM #1) Connecting to Internet via the laptop net connection (phone in airplane mode) How is that done ? I've tried changing btw the different "USB mode" setttings in the phone but to no avail -- the NDIS network adapter created on the host is enabled (and the connection initiated) only when using "PC Internet" mode, but that seems to be for smth else (see 2nd problem/question below). I've asked this in another forum and the only (a bit opaque to me....) hint I was given was there's an issue with routing on my phone and (apparently -- if I interpret that correctly...) I need to "root the phone" and perform some commands (See here: details in this post Still, I'm not sure how to do that and/or how to check that the above is the issue. Any help ? #2) USB connection tethering Apparently there are several "USB modes" that can be set in the phone. Is the "PC Internet" mode for this purpose ? It does seems so -- the network connection btw. the phone and the laptop does not come up if I'm in airplane mode (the notification bar says that I need to enable the phone / disable the airplane mode before connecting to the laptop in the "PC Internet" mode) Do I need anything else to enable connection tethering i.e. connect the laptop via the Galaxy as a 3G modem ? Thanks in advance, Florian
  3. Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone knows how to do conference calling (multi-party calls) in i900 I'm on WM6.1, DXIA5/QB06 ROM, phone is DXIA2. Thanks, Florian
  4. Hello all, I guess the title says it pretty much everything. I have had my Omnia for almost 1.5 yrs, and still happy with it -- I wouldn't change it for anything that's on the market right now. However, recently my unit developed an annoy problem with that idiotic Samsug connector -- it became loose, and can hardly connect anything (power, USB, splitter) to the unit -- I stopped using headset quite some time ago for this very reason. Needless to say, that is a major PITA for me. My question is: Is there _anything_ I can do about it myself -- change the connector (where do I get one), anything ? I'm really dependent on this device for work, and my service contract expired already (it's a Singaporean grey market unit bought via Expansys with 1 yr support contract).... Thanks for any hint or help, Florian
  5. Are we sure about that ? I was wondering the same thing, and I'm kinda "live in denial" it's not true. Is there _any_ of the announced new models that allows _some_ form of scrolling -- either mechanical, or optical (like the optical pad on the i900) ? Sure, the specs look "schweet", but in practice all that "oh, shiny stuff, I want" will rub off rather quickly and I'll just start swearing at the lack of my ability to scroll in the old apps. Anyone ? Thanks, Florian
  6. Thanks for the info Paul. Two questions: - __Scroll_wheel__ -- mechanical (my preferred) or optical (Omnia) -- I need one? - Are we sure wrt RAM / ROM ? PDadb.net reports that as 256MB/128MB ? Thanks Florian
  7. [ Moderators: I am well aware that this might be perceived to be (at least) OT and (probably) contravening forum rules. If so, please notify me via e-mail. However, see below for the reason for posting this into this particular forum ] Hello all, First, an explanation: This is a candid warning to others NOT to shop at a particular webshop. The reason for posting into this particular forum is that it is via this very forum that I was tipped about this site for accessories for my Omnia. The story: Almost two months ago (on 20th Feb to be more exact) I decided to purchase the 20 pin multiadapter from FOMMY.CO.UK together with 2 other items (a headset cable and audio adapter). After the purchase I was notified by a RoyalMail tracking number but items did not arrive as expeted. Upon contacting RM they said that is the sender that needs to do that, and I notified FOMMY.CO.UK about this. This was more than 1 month ago. After countless mails, geting, signing and returning affidavit letters required for reshipping, complaints, etc. they still have not 1) reship the items or 2) refund me. What makes the whole matter disgustingly bad is that I am constantly lied to in the most abject manner: Each time after contacting them on the phone that lied to me. In order: 1) We need to restock the items before reshipping (the webpage listed them as in stock) 2) "We will contact shipping department to resend you the items right away". This was two weeks ago. 3) "Sorry about the delay, but in a few hours we will either reship you the package or refund you and we will notify you via email". This last one was 3 days ago. I can assist with all the mails and letters exchange. Right now I am looking for other organizatins that cold 1) Help me getting a refund 2) warning others agains shopping there (I contacted my CC issuer rgrding this, let's see how that goes). Sorry for the subject and tone of this post -- this is just a honest warning to other forum users against getting your Omnia accessories from FOMMY.CO.UK -- worst kind of scammers and liers. Frustrated and angry, Florian Otel
  8. Hello all, I'm currently looking for a VoiP (i.e. SIP) client that works when the device is in standby mode. I've been tested Fring with a borrowed SIP account and it worked from the first try. The biggest problem is that the app does not appear to "wake up on ring" i.e. does not work if the device is in standby mode TIA for any help / hints, Florian Edit: Apparently it works if the connection is over 3G but not over WLAN ?!?!
  9. anyone ? I really need some help in figuring out if it is the device that's damaged (and I need to send it in) or just the handsfree...
  10. Hello all, I need help diagnosing a rather curious (but very annoying) problem: I've been messing around (apparently too much) with the sound output level (as instructed in this forum by this thread). Maybe casued by exagerated boosting of the DAC levels that damaged the headset (?) I have now experience the following problem: Without the headset the device behaves as expected i.e. outputs sound at the expected levels. However, when using the (default) headset: - MP3/media files play as expected in e.g. Core Player. IOW they play at the normal sound level (?!?!). - Any device or phone sound effect -- including keypresses, voices, ringing/busy signals, volume adjustments -- are barely audible, no matter how much I try to adjust/boost the level in the headset (as per above thread). Again, the weird thing is that this happens _only_ when using the headset but _not_ when e.g. CorePlayer plays sound effects/media files in the same headset (this occurs normal sound levels). Only phone/device sounds in the headset are affected, and this occured only after I boosted the DAC output in the headset (before that it worked OK). It goes without saying that this is rather serious -- the default headset I have now is basically useless for making/receiving phonecalls. But at least I can listen to music :) :D I've restored the sound output settings at their default levels -- even reflashed the device -- but to no avail. Any hint on what can cause my headset to behave this weird ? Any idea to check what's at fault ? Does the Omnia uses different pins/outputs for DAC (mp3+media files) than for sound effects/phone ? TIA for the assistance, Florian
  11. I have a problem: Does anyone encounter problems with the default (Windows) dialer ? After a while scrolling through the latest called persons/contact stops working, trying to tap on one of those actually calls the last called contact instead, etc. Is anyone experiencing else this ?
  12. Thanks for that, but are you _sure_ (i.e. tried personally) that the combination of these two adapters work ? IOW you can use first the "multiadapter" connected to Omnia and function as a splitter, connect the power cable to one S20 adapter (and get the Omnia powered/charging) and the TVout cable (above) connected to the other S20 connector and use it for connecting to TV ? Did anyone else here that has both these adapters that care to try and report the results ? TIA, Florian
  13. Looks nice. It's a bit unclear to me, but do I interpret it correctly in it having one 2.5 mm audio output jack (headphones only, no headset i.e. no audio input) and _TWO_ samsung S20 (correct connector name for Omnia?) connections -- one for power, one for headset (i.e. audio output + input). Any idea of smth similar but for TV i.e. split TV out + charger adapter ? TIA for the info, Florian
  14. Thanks for the suggestion and the link to the video. However, SPB Mobile Shell seems a bit against "KISS" approach I have with my current ROM. What I was looking for was a no frills, simple and effective launcher (no more, no less), but SPB Mobile Shell is much more than just that (just like the name implys). Rgrds, Florian
  15. Hello all, I'm running now a "clean" ROM (LuFeig's DXHL2 revision b to be exact) and kinda miss the Samsung launcher. Does anyone know where a cab for the launcher is to be found ? Maybe even suggest a "better" alternative to look at :rolleyes: ? TIA, Florian
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