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    APPS on SD Card?

    I chose 512mb and 32mb as the swap. Then I tested if the apps would go to my memory card or internal and it seemed theys till were saved internally?
  2. Any ideas how I could get my apps onto my 4gig sd card. I have read the tutorial on here but in my clockwords recovery mode, there is no option to partition. The reason for the partition is for adding my apps to my SD card. Currently I have tons of apps and allot of them slow my phone down. Should this be the case? I was advised that the way android works is, it auto closes apps when the speed starts to slow down? On the latest froyo rom
  3. Another thing I have noticed - I send text messages to my groups. As the text messaging sending group feature limits upto 100 conatcts per text, I had to cerate two groups. Once sending to around 20 contacts, at first all of the texts cam eup as undelivered but then slowly one by one from the undeliverable list, they all get sent. Why do they initially fail?
  4. Sorry thsi question might be answered before - I previously downloaded a version of Pauls Rom a week ago and all was working fine until i downloaded many apps. As they were tending to stay alive in the background, it kept slowing my phone down and only after killing the apps with app killer, I was able to regain some speed. I was told by a friend I shouldnt need to kill apps manually as android has a built in task manager? is this true and if so how will this be implemented on the new rom, whcih ive just paid to bake my customisation from the kitechen? Thanks
  5. Any apps out there that dont crash, brign up over 100+ pop up error messages and just simply send the texts to the 200 members of a group? Thanks
  6. it seems some did get through but originally i got like 100 alerts saying com.android.mms A large number of sms messages are being sent.Select ok to continue ...etc'. Clearly annoying to press ok 100 times tp get rid of them all.
  7. I've got one of the roms off the forum and im finding allot of my apps running in the background which is causing my desire to run incredibly slow at times. After I kill the apps, its fine again. Also i have purchased 2-3 apps to enable group sms but none of them have worked and the native app i have to limit the group to 100 contacts max. I have just limited the numbers and created 1 group with 90 contacts. When I sent to the group all the contacts got an undeliverable. Anyone know whats going on and how to send to around 200 contacts in a group??
  8. Where can I download the latets radio and will I have to reflash again? Thanks for the info
  9. Thanks for the guide. I managed to get the rom to work using more or less wha you instructed me an hour or back butthe baseband I have is All seems to work ok, do i still need to update it?
  10. Just used Revoked 3.1 and im up to the clockwork recovery mode but after I restart it still has my branded phone. How do I put on a custom rom?
  11. Hi M8, Many thanks for your reply. Before I started to do anything I decided to unlock my phone. Unfortunately after paying, my IMEI was not on their list and I had to pay an etxra £12 to get it, which taks around 5-7 days. I willl let you know once I get the unlock code, how I get on.
  12. I've seen few posts but it eas related to the Tatoo or Hero. I want to put a custom Froyo rom onto my Orange branded Desire? Any one know the guides for a compelte newbie please?
  13. Fantastic Rom with some great features. Just a point though - When browsing the net such as streaming or google maps, I am unable to receive calls or texts (diverted to voicemail). Is this a known issue with the rom, as it happened with an older rom as well?
  14. Any ideas how to create a group and get mass contacts without selecting one by one to add to the group. On my old Nokia it was so easy but on the omnia it seems impossible to do it with easy unless im doing somthing clearly wrong? Pls can sum 1 tell me how can i simply create a group for around 80 odd contacts and easily add them to it?
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