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  1. Today when I switched my phone on, I don't seem to be getting the txt message preview showing up. Usually I get a little windows show me the message, but now I just get the notification that I have a new txt message. Is there a setting that switches this off that I might changed by mistake. Thanx... Update: I have managed to get it working again.......
  2. Just donated:- ShootMe! activation 1a4***-3cf*** Thanx
  3. I wanted to free u some space on my phone so I used the remove programes to remove FTouchSL, at the end of the unistallation I had to soft reset, but now the screen wont respond to touch. The buttons work fine and the phone boots up ok, so I guess something went wrong when I removed FTouchSL. Does anyone have ideas on what to do. ;) :wacko: :(
  4. I am having the same problem, could you tell me what registry keys I need to change. Thanx..
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