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  1. I have a Samsung galaxy fit, and I was thinking of trying out one of the gingerbread roms I found on another site. Those roms are European, and my phone has an Arabic one, is it safe to flash European ones instead?
  2. Hi, Am a newbie when it comes to modding my new Galaxy Fit. I need to be able to flash ‘unsigned’ zip files. Since I have Froyo’s Recovery 3e I am unable to do that. I understand that I can flash a certain kernel using "odin" method to replace Recovery 3e with ClockworkMod (2e recovery). Would highly appreciate the experts help here on the following: 1/ what is the name of the Kernel need to achieve my goal. 2/ Where can i downloaded it from. 3/ guide on how to flash the kernel using "odin" method to my phone. My phone details are: 1/Model : Samsung GT-S5670 2/Android version : 2.2.1 3/Baseband version:S5670JXKA4 4/Kernel version: [email protected]#1 5/Build number: FROYO. JPKC1 6/ My phone is already rooted. Would highly appreciate any help. TIA
  3. Hi, Am trying to install this application "M2D_TodayPage0.3.0_plus_Easy_T_Launcher_v1.1.0.2.CAB" but keep running into problems. Apparently its not compatible with this Rom. Any help please. TIA M2D_TodayPage0.3.0_plus_Easy_T_Launcher_v1.1.0.2.CAB
  4. Hi, Am trying to install this application "M2D_TodayPage0.3.0_plus_Easy_T_Launcher_v1.1.0.2.CAB" but keep running into problems. Apparently its not compatible with this Rom. Any help please. TIA Apologise tis thread was posted here by mistake. Please ignore. Again my sincere apologies. M2D_TodayPage0.3.0_plus_Easy_T_Launcher_v1.1.0.2.CAB
  5. Hi Muncheno Can you please guide me step wise as to how can I add " BAF GPS Toggle plugin " to the row which includes opera tp etc uunder Calender in your post. Thanks in advance
  6. Can anyone upload again 28205 M2D as both 4share and rapidshare are not working Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Am running _________10.11.2009__________ ----- Build 21876 classic view-------- ____________COM2___________ and still experimenting. So far found it one of the best roms in this forum. However, am finding it difficult to open web pages using internet explorer via Wifi. Do not like opera. tried all the tips found in this section but in vain. any new ideas please TIA
  8. Kindly note Pass: omnia does not work anymore to unrar files .Please help
  9. Hi, Thanks for the CAB file. Its working fine. Can you tell me where did you get it from. The official skyfire website does not have it. TIA
  10. Hi khaledkha, Is there a program which can be installed into omnia to make it read it least arabic sms messages. Would highly appreciate an answer. TIA
  11. Hi dunc, Thanks for your response. It is indeed a nightmare. Your description is so accurate. Unfortunately Am stuck with it .Can't get rid of it. Am so scared to upgrade it myself to the new ROM jvHK1.I read all sorts of stories in other forums written by owners of the device who tried to upgrade themselves following the official procedure to end up with bricked devices. To make things worse, agents of samsung refused to replace the bricked devices. I see you have an HTC HD device what do you think of it . How do you compare to omnia. Finally , do you have any idea/Tweak other than upgrading to a new ROM for my Omnia to try to overcome this mess am in. Thanks and best regards
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