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  1. This problem has been exasperating me too! Are there any modded kernels which could fix this? 3 hours to charge a phone is just ridiculous.
  2. A strange thing happens any time I do a batch backup with Titanium Backup Pro - the wallpaper resets itself back to the default one and any apps which show persistent notifications such as 3G Watchdog vanish from the notification bar. I also lose the Widgetsoid pulldown shortcuts for wifi, data, bluetooth etc. Anyone else get this?
  3. I'm having problems with Titanium Backup Pro - whenever I try to do a batch backup it hangs part way through the job. Anyone else get this? I've searched the thread & cannot find anything.
  4. So you successfully flashed the retail 4.4 on top of a rooted & unlocked Tesco 4.3 ROM? Did you use stock recovery or CWM?
  5. Anyone care to upload the update.zip before they upgrade?
  6. My daughter's phone is on tillaz's FusionX ROM but I was thinking about upgrading to Dazzozo's CM10.2 or CM11. Is CM11 stable enough as a daily driver or would the 10.2 be a better bet for her? Thanks
  7. uploaded Blur_Version.14.71.8.falcon_umts.TescoSL.en.GB.zip to mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/download/74za37fgwflgubf/Blur_Version.14.71.8.falcon_umts.TescoSL.en.GB.zip I have an unlocked rooted stock 4.3 with CWM recovery but the install failed - I think it needs stock recovery. It also started shutting down a few seconds after starting up & I needed to restore my CWM backup. I also copied the zip to the SDCard & tried to flash it with CWM but got an error message "This package is for "falcon_umts" devices, this is a "xt1032"" We need someone clever to make a de-odexed, zipaligned, debloated, rooted, flashable CWM zip. That doesn't sound too much, does it? :-)
  8. What does this actually do? I had a look at the xda websire & many comments said that it doesn't actually add much.
  9. "Please note that this offer is only applicable for customers who purchased their Moto G directly from O2 (O2 retail store, O2.co.uk or an O2 call centre) between 24th December 2013- 26th February 2014." Would be interesting to know if any non-O2 phone IMEIs are accepted by the website :-)
  10. Will this update wipe anything? Can it be flashed on top of the rooted ROM without a wipe? Thanks
  11. woo hoo, works great! For noobs: copy the recovery.img to your adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030\sdk\platform-tools folder open an elevated command prompt wherever your adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030\sdk\platform-tools folder is type: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img Job done! PS this seems to have given me a Christmas boot animation - anyone else? Also - I keep getting a warning about root access possibly having been lost along with an offer to fix it. Also - the backup location is sdcard/clockworkmod/backup and CWM recovery can see the backups I have made in this location. But if I open the sdcard/clockworkmod/ folder with Root Explorer there is no backup folder - wtf?
  12. Can this be flashed on top of the stock (rooted) ROM without a wipe?
  13. Cheers, looks like I'll be sticking with FnC then! Will try Antutu CPU master & see if underclocking it when the screen's off will help. Unfortunately Juice defender doesn't seem to run with that particular ROM.
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