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  1. SamStone

    HTC One X+ Review

    I have one in white and I really like it.
  2. SamStone

    Thai language support

    The Asian HOX's have full Thai language support, I would get her one of those or flash the Asian ROM.
  3. That's what I thought also but for me and many others, it isn't working out that way. It's not near as smooth as my Omnia's resistive screen and you have to give it just the right touch for it to work right. If you check out the XDA HD2 forum you will see that this is the main complaint against the phone. I still love the large screen, the resolution, speed of the processor, etc. but I think that they still have a way to go to make the touchscreen more user friendly.
  4. With the stock ROM I was getting a little over one day on my HD2 battery with moderate surfing, SMS, etc. but after installing the Energy ROM I get two or three days, a massive improvement. Like I said in my post above, I like everything about the HD2 except the screen response. While it isn't bad, it's much harder to enter an SMS or email message than with my Omnia or an iPhone but once you get used to it, it's not so bad and I'm still pleased that I bought it.
  5. I've had my HD2 for about three months now and while I really like most of the features, screen response isn't one of them. My Omnia was much better in that department but I do like the resolution and processor speed of the HD2. I always had a Manila custom ROM on my Omnia so I decided to go for the real thing :P .
  6. I accidentally deleted the Dow Industrials index from my MSN Money and I can't find the symbol. Can someone tell my the symbol for the Dow Industrials index? Thanks
  7. SamStone

    Call Blocker?

    Call SMS Blocker sounds like what I am looking for, thanks for the info.
  8. I'm using the M2D display on my Omnia but I can't figure out how to edit the buttons at the bottom. One says Browser and the other reads All Bookmarks. Neither one uses the home page that I have configured in my browser nor the bookmarks that I have. How can I change the setting of these buttons? Thanks
  9. I installed the v23 M2D and everything is working OK but I don't know how to edit the settings under the Internet tab, how do I set the locations of the 'bookmark and 'browser' buttons?
  10. I just downloaded and installed SHKv23_M2D and everything works great but I want to install the M2D interface/themes on it. Is there a thread on MoDaCo that would tell the steps that I need to go to to install it? Thanks
  11. I am constantly receiving messages from my service provider and in my old phone there was a way to block callers and SMS messages. I have looked in my Omnia for a way to do the same thing but can't see anything. Is there any way to do it with an I900?
  12. I use my Omnia at several WiFi hotspots and they all have a screen that you have to agree to that says they don't have any control over the content, etc. These screens can pop up from time to time and you have to agree and continue every time, is there any app that would do this for you automatically? Thanks.
  13. I just downloaded and installed ShokkA9's SHKv19L ROM Titanium. I really like it and it addressed quite a few problems that I was having with my Omnia. I like the Windows default display screen but I wish that there was some way to put the Wireless Manager and Lock on a button the screen. What is the best way that you guys deal with this?
  14. SamStone

    Large caller ID photo?

    Thanks, I installed S2U2 and it fit the bill.
  15. Is there any way to get an Omnia to display a full screen caller ID photo instead of the thumbnail that is standard?

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