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  1. http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/23/exclusi...nly-retail-sal/
  2. LTE 100mbps/50mbps speeds are purely theoretical. As it turns out: http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/16/teliaso...data-downloads/ the real speeds on your world's first TeliaSonera network are much more realistic. And yes, many people could actually use the 40mbit downloads. I myself, am rocking Slingbox Pro-HD and using SlingPlayer Mobile on my phone. When you stream fast motion basketball game live from TV to phone over internet connection - it better not be going through Verizon's crappy EV-DO Rev A, which is only like 1mbit and is considered to be "3G" - you get slide show instead of continuous stream many times.
  3. I get your point about CCD and small size lens limitations. I think you're missing my point though - it's not about "needing" the camera of this size for every day use. I'm not a pro photographer either and I don't shoot pictures and movies on daily or even weekly basis. It's about "all-in-one" concept, Apple created when inventing such a touchscreen device. I bet for times when you go on vacation you have a nice 10 or 12mp digital camera, with like 5x optical zoom and decent video shooting capabilities, or that bulky DSLR you mentioned, don't you? I'm just saying devices like this: http://mobile.engadget.com/2009/09/29/sams...-made-official/ prove the current technology level allows to incorporate a real good camera/camcoder into hand held pocket device and device price (which is more than what many decent notebooks out there cost) justifies consumers expecting of companies make it happen. I don't want to have and carry around both - a phone and a digital camera when i go to vacation or a party, if i'm 100% sure it's possible to put both in 1 device, do you?....
  4. kosmiq several good points in your reply. here is what i think though: I think you're determining max screen size you'd be comfortable with based on existing phones, screens with surrounding frame. Keep in mind, in all existing phones the actual screen takes about 80% of the front side real estate, while the rest are side and top/bottom bars. Side bars add at least half an inch to width and top/bottom is usually twice bigger, adding another inch in length. I'm talking innovation and I'm hoping Nexus One v2 or whatever the hell Google would call it could utilize like 95% of the surface. If you measure diagonally existing 3.5" screen phones like iphone it's gonna be like 5" at least. I'm saying there is no reason 4.5" out of that 5" couldn't be allocated for the screen, without actually increasing device size. Tegra CPU scores literally 5x better in benchmarks than Snapdragon, and nVidia said half year ago first Tegra phones will be out in Q1 of 2010. Phone makers would be fools not to jump on that hardware chip. LTE - I dont know where you live, but here in the US Sprint has already announced their 4G network rollout by February, and Verizon Wireless, which is the biggest carrier in the country already officialy confirmed activating LTE network in 5 states in 1st half of 2010. I'm thinking building such phone wouldn't happen overnight anyhow, so based on LTE network readiness I just mentioned the timing seems just about right to start working on this phone now. As far as the price goes - remember it's Google - they can sell it unlocked and such device would sell in huge quantities. I'm sure plenty of people would buy it for like $600 and if they were to make carrier deals and sell the device subsidized for a network - I see $200 on 2 year contract a real possibilty
  5. unless you're working for Google and actually have the phone I have several reasons to beleive you're incorrect: - 2 guys i know work for Google and have the phone - this post from reliable writer clearly states no HTC logo can be found: http://www.engadget.com/2009/12/14/exclusi...android-2-1-on/
  6. Nexus One falls short in a few important categories to qualify as ultimate "all-in-one" gadget, which is what Apple's the original intent was, when they had a vision for first iphone. - The device has only 3.7" screen, which is not enough to make typing on soft keyboard comfortable, not enough for watching tv and multimedia contect, not enough for satisfactory web browsing experience, and not enough screen size for good GPS navigation - It has only 5mp camera with no optical zoom. Camcoder specs are still uncofirmed, but its 720p at most, definitly no full HD 1080p recording - It's also beleived to have only 320mb of RAM (unconfirmed) - old bluetooth (v2.1) and old wireless modem (802.11b/g) - its only tri-band HSDPA, without 850Mhz and 1900Mhz 3G frequencies Luckily though, we're talking about Google. Unlike many other companies Google has a proven track record of listening to user inputs, feedback and needs. Therefore, I remain optimistic, in the next few months we'll see from Google not Nexus One, but "THE One" phone, with specs, similar to these: - 4.5” capacitive touchscreen with multitouch - 1.3Ghz NVIDIA Tegra CPU - 10mp camera with 3x optical zoom and 1080p @30fps camcorder - 512mb of RAM - LTE (4G) radio - 2000mAh removable battery - under 150gram (5.29oz) weight - Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/N Draft modem - Bluetooth v3 with A2DP and AVRCP - Latest Android with free Google navigation - Browser with full Flash support NVIDIA Tegra CPU has literally 5x better benchmarks than Qualcomms Snapdragon and also 34% less power comsumption. Keeping my fingers crossed...
  7. Nexus One doesn't have HTC or any other branding, its a pure Google phone running vanilla version of Android v2.1. No Sense UI either - it's not Bravo or Passion - those phones are carrier bound and have branding, logos and standard HTC software. It's rather lightweight, has 3.7" screen and Google employees who have it claim it's "faster and prettier than iphone"
  8. I appreciate the reply. Turns out it's not the ROM - it was a problem with Slingplayer and their network. I called Sling tech support and we figured it out. It's working fine now using build 28008. Kudos on a great ROM
  9. Slingplayer Mobile can't connect in builds 28008 and 28004. Tried reinstalling, reconfiguring - nothing works.
  10. MiniV9.cab lioryte add this to your second post with cab repository - this is the only Opera 5 mini cab with already built in java run time environment I could find which works on our Omnia....Opera 5 mini owns Opera 9.5 + 9.7 + Skyfire combined
  11. the touch player i posted is fully functional, but apparently it does conflict with vibration sound profile...go figure...personally, i'm waiting for someone to port the new touch player from Omnia 2 to qvga
  12. found one, seems to work well: http://d05.easy-share.com/file_contents/fi...a2yw/cont_id/35 this bad boy even plays sound from videos in the background, which other versions i tried refuse to do
  13. does anyone have a fully functional version of Touch Player which works with lioryte's roms? The one i'm using has non working volume control... also, if anyone managed to port Touch Player from Omnia 2 i8000 to our resolution - please post the cab. Thanks
  14. save your energy and cooking skillz for HTC Leo - it's gonna own Omnia 2 in almost every way. That's really something you should be cooking for. Capacitive screen 4.3", Snapdragon @ 1Ghz, 11mm thin - doesn't it sound sexy?
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