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  1. Looks like eoc still hasn't abandoned the bad/illegal habit of not releasing GPL based sources...
  2. I still have a w810. There's no such app that I know of... But again it should be easy to do. There's an app called VolDpad which is also open source. If modified it could be used to control the media player. But again what's missing is a willing coder.
  3. Yes but this is for the wired headsets. It has only 1 button and that button has only one action. In HTC devices the wired headset button has 3 different actions.
  4. I'd actually appreciate if one could toggle the usb status via cmd (not launch the GUI). This would make a 1-click toggle (unlike these shortcuts). Should be fairly quick and easy for anyone who knows C/C++. All that's needed is to implement is command/argument support in dci710usb (it's a GUI only app... but sources are available here). Would be a very useful tool to create a simple USB toggle button in today themes and to use with Mortscript.
  5. I'm a i900 user and I wrote this back in June. I can only assume that in the O2 you can't also control TouchPlayer (or any other player) using the wired headset (like people do in HTC phones). This was made for TouchPlayer (only tested in the i900) and can be modified to work with TCPMP, WMP, S2P... Check this thread: Control TouchPlayer using the headphones button! This "app" is a working CONCEPT (sorry for the caps but I needed to make that clear) using Mortscript and GreenButton. In order to work flawlessly GreenButton (which is open source) needs to be adapted. supbro (GreenButton developer) has left the WinMo scene so he won't do it (see here). I created this thread to try and raise awareness of this idea and try to find an interested dev who would update GreenButton to perform better (the needed changes should be very easy and quick to implement... if you've ever written any C/C++ app for Windows Mobile you can probably do it). I'm a mere scripter so I can't do the rest. Hope the mods can excuse this thread linking/cloning.. I believe the idea is worth it.
  6. It's possible that the same principle can be used to control the radio but I won't do it, sorry... I don't have much time to spend until the end of the year to try finding the message calls for the radio app (which I never even use). Anyway this thread is failing its main purpose... It was supposed to be a proof of concept meant to capture the attention of a willing developer to update GreenButton (anyone with basic knowledge of C/C++ should be able to pull this off). Seems like there are not many developer here at modaco (the most common thing that pops-up around here are roms, themes and hacks/ports of other devices software) and over at XDA (where things aren't much better either... most "development" consists on Manila/Sense hacks) everyone as an HTC which can already do this so I haven't had much luck either... What's more disappointing is that this wasn't even an i900 specific thing... The same concept could be used with all other non-HTC models and any other apps... But seems like there's not much love for Samsung owners.
  7. Post your feedback after you tested this :) I'm also curious if it works in the Omnia2 and other non-HTC devices... I suspect I may have been too optimist with the "sleep" times between presses (the "Previous" function suffers most). If needed open player.mscr with a notepad and increase the sleep times to 500 or 600. I made this as a proof-of-concept to test my idea and fix this obvious flaw (I mean if a guy who can't code can come up with this why the hell didn't Samsung do it?)... I released it to raise some awareness and hopefully find a developer willing to update GreenButton (since I'm a mere scripter this about the best I can do). The concept works but to be perfect GreenButton needs to be modified...
  8. Ok I think this deserves a bump... Just adapted my scripts to control TouchPlayer using the headphone. Enjoy! And if you know a bit of code please consider the PS in the first post :)
  9. After searching for a long time I discovered a PointUI widget that controls Touch Player perfectly. Dug around the cs file and finally found the correct way to control Touch Player :) Just updated this theme. Also adapted the scripts to control Touch Player using the button in the Omnia wired headphone.
  10. Unless I'm seriously missing something here the Omnia headphones button has only one action (regardless of duration or number of presses) unlike HTC headphones... And all the apps I found so far that control media players using the button from the stock wired headset fail to do anything. After confirming that the headphones button behaves as the call button and knowing the existence of supbro's GreenButton app I came up with an idea of how to control a media player using a couple of simple MortScripts. I tested this concept using TCPMP because it was easy (get cab here ). I just recently found a PointUI applet named PointSenseMusic that had what I needed to learn how to control TouchPlayer. Instructions: 1- Install Mortscript 2- Install the TouchPlayer Headphone.cab to the phone memory. 3- Restart your phone 4- When TouchPlayer is running: a. 1 press = play/pause b. 2 presses = next c. 3 presses = previous Notes: 1- The device can't be locked 2- The device can't be on standby (you can however turn off the screen) 3- The timing is a bit quirky (this is because of the time the scripts take to load). PS: If someone could use the sources of GreenButton and mod it to: 1- Add ability to recognize different kinds of presses (1, 2, 3... or maybe long-press) and trigger different actions (3 command in the lnk) it would correct the timing issues. 2- Run any file type (not just exe files). 3- Make a call when the dialer window is the active window (currently GreenButton disables this behaviour).
  11. This sounds very familiar. You tried a TCPMP version that left registry stuff behind. The new version reads the old version registry and crashes (TCPMP key needs to be deleted). Try this TCPMP version and run my fix script (instructions included).
  12. LOL! Of course it didn't! It's for the Omnia1/i900 (wrote that in my previous post) so the exe isn't the same. But apart from the rest is similar. Yet another reason why it would be cool if someone added cmd feautres to dci710usb. It should work on all recent Samsung phones (it was not written for the i900 but works nevertheless... I assume the same happens with the i8000 and other O2 variants... care to try?). dci homepage (it's in russian but the download links are right there)
  13. That's similar to how I do it in my i900. Here's my script code. Instead of using mouseclick I find it better to simulate key presses because this way it work regardless of device orientation (portrait and landscape): SendSpecial ( "Down" ) Sleep ( 50 ) SendSpecial ( "CR" ) or SendSpecial ( "Up" ) Sleep ( 50 ) SendSpecial ( "CR" ) But the point is this is a dirty solution. You still have the usb settings window showing up... If someone added cmd functions to the sources I posted above it would provide a perfect seemless solution.
  14. I rebooted my device and the scripts didn't work... Seems like the messages change every time we reboot the Omnia (wparam and lparam remain the same). I found the new messages again using dotFred's Task Manager but it's not pratical if they just change on each boot... The part in red is what changes... SendMessage("Touch Player", 49170, 16842755, 0) There's gotta be a way to determine this but I just don't know how... If anyone can shed some light over this it would be awesome.
  15. :rolleyes: Utterly failed in finding the correct system calls (or to what window to pass it). Anyway I found an GPL app that is similar to the USBSettings app that already comes in the phone (design for the i710 but works in the i900... I assume it also works in the i8000). But it lacks cmd features... It should be fairly easy to implement to anyone with basic coding skill (which is not my case... all I can do is script). I hate to be that guy but if anyone could do this the sources are hosted here. It would just need 2 commands (one to set the "active" and the other to set the "default" drive)...
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