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  1. I totally agree. Does anyone know why text from the Samsung Phonepad is disabled for some apps?
  2. I'm also running into the same problem once or twice a day. My firmware is DXHH3, btw.
  3. thanks for the suggestions... the klite codec pack is more of a windows solution but my main computer is a mac. changing to 3gp, however, allowed me to open the videos in quicktime with sound on both systems. thanks!
  4. I've tried the latest versions of vlc on both mac (0.9.5) and windows vista (0.9.4) with the same results...the omnia firmware Im using is DXHH3, btw
  5. Hi, The samsung omnia videos seem to be encoded with some codec called "samr" that can't be played in Quicktime. It plays in VLC but without the audio. Does anyone know how to view the videos with audio on anything else besides the Omnia itself? thanks
  6. Hi, is it just me or is it impossible to kill the touchplayer when it hangs? When I bring up the Omnia task manager and click "End all Tasks" it looks like it always kills everything except the TouchPlayer. For some reason, some divx movies cause touchplayer to freeze up and I can't exit from it using the menu. X'ing the program only closes it and doesn't shut down the player. From here I have to soft-reset to get back control of the touchPlayer. has anyone else had this problem? any suggestions? thanks btw, i'm using the DXHH3 firmware
  7. are there any good free backup programs for windows mobile? thanks
  8. Is there any way to get chinese input back once you've upgraded to DXHH3? Thanks
  9. under display settings all the games I've tried only have one setting: portrait mode... landscape left and right are grayed out
  10. Hi, from what I understand it seems like each game is tied down to either portraight or landscape mode in Finalburn. Is this correct? When I open a game on my Samsung Omnia/i900 half the screen is usually cut off or the screen isn't centered. Is there any way to resize the picture, recenter it, or force landscape mode? Other than that it seems to emulate most of my games perfectly. Has anyone else been able to use finalburn on their Omnia? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, Has anyone been able have any success with running Finalburn on the Omnia? When I load a game usually half the screen is cut off, the picture isn't centered, and you can't choose display in landscape mode. any help is appreciated, thanks
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