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  1. Sorry, but Motorola Droid x and DEFY both uses the same capacity bettery, using non standard bettery cause undesirable result and decrease mobile life as said by motorola
  2. Dear Friend I am your big fan and many thanks for your great work so far, keep it up, I tryied almost ur every rom and its work like charm wothout problem on my orange sf, I recently buy Motorola DEFY and I want to try few things which is designed for SF, is it possible that can I try dialer, filer, fm radio apps, themes etc. on my Motorola DEFY? the only one things wehich I missed most from my SF is the dialler with inbuilt recoding facility I would be very be very greatful to u if U can post that dialer with recording inbuilt which I can install on my Motorola DEFY, I managed to sold my SF when I got Motorola DEFY free with t-m contract Thanks in advance Onlinejobwork
  3. Hi after Selling LG Optimus GT 540 (after using one month) I buy Orange SF inspired by Pauls Review, I use it for 3 month and now I got Motorola DEFY its rocks and its rock solid, stable and amazing in many terms its beats my orange SF but in terms of screen quality Orange SF is better than Motorola DEFY but speed, stability, performance, sound quality, call quality, reception, build quality and last but not the lease battery life is much better than SF, I got it when it was advertised 15.32 £ for 24M contract with 300 min, 300 txt and Flexible booster on T-mob I can change it to lots many things like internet, international calling, etc, plus free phone and 120 £ cash back on top of it at certain stage plus few bucks from Quidco as well, so in short the whole cotract cost me 30 £ less than buying PAYG DEFY, pl dont ask me where I buy from as the offer finished in two days Here is my short Review of Motorola DEFY for the users who are looking for stable, better and reliable but budget phone and some might thinking to replace Orange SF I can say its better than Samsung Galaxy S which got plastic body and cheap built quality just one drop on the floor or roadside and everything finish, same with Iphone 4 no replacement battery DIY plus lots of unlocking hassle and no customization at all, but Motorola is Scratch proof glass, water resistant (tried 30 Min in bucket without any problem) The Short Review : Very solid, No Clumsy or loose parts, Water & Dust resistant, Music quality through Earphone much better than Iphone or any standalone music player tested by GSM arena review and I feel so as well, and water proof - I mean water resistant, very sexy look from from side, screen size bigger than Iphone 4, the touch sensitivity is excellent much better than my unreliable X Orange SF, the most exiting thing I experience is the signal holding power and call clarity no loss in signal quality even in moving vehicle like bus and train, I tested constant from Ealing Broadway to Baker street and there is no coverage loss and and distorted sound through train and bus which I never experience with orange SF, Nokia 5800 or Iphone 3gs which I used and sell it in the part, most painful provider and instument with me was Vodafone with Samsung Omnia, every coin has two side so the other side is: Average Camera result mostly in Low/med light area, only VGA quality recording but that's not a problem, few software bug related to alarm but no android is completely bug free, but hope bettery life and camera result will be better when Motorola release 2.2 update and i forget to mention it bot inbuilt Swype keyboard and its awesome its still supplied with android 2.1 and I Motorola official announced that 2.2 coming to defy in Q2 and I am eager to waiting for it and I don't want to mesh-up the beauty of DEFY buy tempering with it software by Rooting, and custom rom etc. thing I want to try few 2.2 and 2.3 APK like Dialler with inbuilt Record facility(Most wanted) which I loved on my Orange SF, Gigerbread themes, Keyboard, FM Radio, Filer and many more I would very happy thankful to user who can provide APK file which we used for SF so I can use in my Motorola DEFY Well I still missed my Orange SF and the forum from which I teach me A to Z of about Flashing rom and android world which I never forger , but when I see Modaco froum for DEFY I am very disappointed coz very slow response but I found XDA forum much better and covered for DEFY solid review : http://www.mobile-review.com/review/motorola-defy-en.shtml Thanks all Friends in Advance Urvish
  4. See the link and forum which is much better than Modaco forum for DEFY https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/4...=0&tstart=0 Urvish
  5. May be that odd lot with spaker problem, bad luck, can you tell me complete letter/serial below the sticker inside the phone below battery? Urvish
  6. Hi 'PAUL' can you listen? are going to Publish Review for Motorola DEFY or I Should have to publish my own :huh: :P The best of the best review pulished at , you still need 'Modaco' to publish Review :) http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_defy-review-546.php and here too http://www.mobile-review.com/review/motorola-defy-en.shtml cheers Urvish
  7. Huu :huh: Well its 800 MHz, Suppilied with 2.1 (that;t not froyo) Froyo Announced for Q2 2011, The Camera is worst I have ever seen in any Mobile specially in 5 Mega range ( I tried more than 100 pics with deifferent situation and settings), its Water Resistant NOT Water proof, Except Camera and no AMOLED or OLED scrren everything is fine and I loved it Urvish
  8. Hi mate since log time I was looking to try Android as I heard so much about it and I was looking around cheap price but better spec handset around to try android so first I buy LG Optimus GT 540 its really good but only thing disappoint me is poor camera, not much memory for apps and resistive touch screen not good for text, I sold within a months and a half get good value (when I see I can got better handset for almost same price i.e Orange San Francisco) and I buy it, I loved it exactly as my iphone 3gs, the most top quality things is screen quality and am still using it. I buy Motorola DEFY in Contract with T-mobile but its Non branded no T-mobile Sign anywhere or any software inside it, I read many good review of it and I see the device personally instore and I fell in Love with it, when I compare my DEFY to Orange SF I found the my £ 79 SF beats £ 269 DEFY with Screen quality but I found by the forum here as u mention SF forum is much more in detail so many users, more topics, more custom roms and many option and software rom avalilable to root, unlock, themes etc. but I am very disappoint when I see forum for DEFY is not much in detail and popular like SF, that means orange SF sells more than Motorola DEFY? is that anywhere I can find selling information about DEFY vs SF? Well I am also much confused about rooting and custom rom about DEFY as I almost tried at least 10-15 different custom rom without a single hiccup or problem to my SF its accept any custom rom like a charm and that's the one I like most about SF, but when see the speed, performances and built quality DEFY I never regret that I buy DEFY I am still using DEFY and SF but I can sell my SF with sad heart as I love its screen more than DEFY at the moment I am also looking forward to ROOT and Custom 2.2 ROM for my DEFY but I don’t want to mesh up my phone with premature or too much experimental ROM as happened with few people mention here, I will wait for official 2.2 update from Motorola as announced for Q2 officially and see what improvement they bring, I can do experiment with my Orange SF without any hassle as I am much confidant with the SF and its forum My device info is below: System Version: Blur_Version.2.51.1.MB525,Retail.en.GB Firmware Version: 2.1-update1 Baseband Version:EPU93ST2_U_03.0A.01 Kernal Version: 2.6.29 Build Number: JRDNEM_U3_2.51.1 APflex Version:GAS_EMEA_USAJORDANRTGB_P035 let me know if you find some exiting like software, themes, widgets or anything for DEFY Thanks Urvish
  9. Hi Paul I am your big fane since time i buy Samsung Omnia, I know its not a new statment for you as so many people are fan of you, well after using/swaping---> Omnia---> XM5800, Iphone 3Gs---> LG Optimus---->Orange SF (still using) Finally Motorola DEFY is one of most impressive phone I have user before and bit more than iphone 3gs its £ 260 phone but Orange SF scrren is bit better and brigher than DEFY, Voice from speaker phone is better than SF, Call quality through earpiece is till better than DEFY but in terms of speed and the qiality true touch screen sensitivity, swype keyboard solid and excellant build which and better bettery life beats orange san francisco Come to point, Paul can you please explain what the above mention method will do in more detail please, with bit more detail guide, why the forum for DEFY is not going hot like Orange SF? this is superb phone but bery less appealing for no reason, is the above process void warrranty ? how to revert back to original of anything goes wrong? Thanks Urvish
  10. Problem Found listed below: There is vertical linning in Camera apps several time, but pics taken looks ok, did reset, and reinstall many time but sometime it come sometime its ok It allow me to logged in to Market using wifi connection but I cannot download any apps from the market, every apps I download it says 'was unsuccessful' factory reset and reload didnot solved the problem, I dont want to use mobile network as it cost very high Google talk failed to logged in Wifi connectivity issue is still there cannot auto connect and lose connection many time battery perform could not better than r6 rom by vilainrom which is most stable everyday usable rom still Phone could not able to wake up by any button Why there is no option to choose default android home Wht is usefulness of dev tool for non-developper? The most loved things I seen is a Call recorder from zte dialer, many many thanaks for that, working nice without bip or call disturbance, I would expect the same dialer with recorder let me post if u can help me on above issue furthermore can u suggest any software than can lover down brightness than default minimun? My phone loose touch sensitivity when i put down on any surface and try to operate screen, but working perfect when I try to operate by holding in my hand, and its work fine when connected to power source, its strange, seems like touch screen work fine when it got grounded/earthing, is it comon issue or its fault with my phone? is that any method I can install zte dialer with or without call record to 2.1 based rom , specifically villainrom? Thanks for creating nice rom, you are going it right direction keep it up Urvish
  11. I am using Win7 since launch day is that any oficial driver compatible with win7? any other zte blade related software from company? Urvish
  12. Hi Sebastian, 1st I would like to thank you for great work, I am using your r5 rom since you cooked it its almost perfect rom without any major or minor bug(s), I would like to know how to compare this rom with previous version? what extra or additional thing you add? can you please publish comparision sheet between this and previous rom? is that any speed, battery or UI based enhancement or improvement in your recent rom? if you dont mind can you track or track the cpu and battery usage between these two rom which is very interesting to know and I am curious about it, the main concert for me is the battery life, did you see any improvement in this rom? my net is down ATM it will hopefully up and running tomorrow and when I install it I will test it througly and give you suggestion for any improvment or missing essential stuff, Thanks Urvish
  13. I am waiting for the same , when it arrive please check is all function like wifi, 3g, sms, incomming outgoing etc and tell me please send me the link for that analoge and digital sim so I can check and buy if I found it useful for my purpose, waiting for your complete review on sim Thanks Urvish
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