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  1. A request if possible please Paul ;) Any chance for the Vanilla version that you could add the option to swap the Smileys button for an Enter/Return button in the SMS app like the Cyanogenmod team have done for there keyboard? Or does anyone know a way to make the change? Been using the rom for 2 days now and not had any issues. Battery life is amazing compared to the stock rom! I usually go for the latest CM but I didn't want to lose all the stock features so this rom is perfect for me, loving it :D
  2. In the first post of this thread: I'm pretty sure when you do an RUU you will lose your data as it does a complete restore, However I am not 100% on this as never had to use one yet.
  3. Not sure about driver issue as never installed HTC Sync for linux so may be. USB Debugging is definately enabled though. Will look for HTC Sync for Linux and report back ;)
  4. Ubuntu 12.04 [email protected]:~/Desktop/root-one-x-tegra$ sh root-linux.sh HTC One X Tegra 3 Root Script by Paul O'Brien- includes script from kennethpenn Follow @paulobrien and @modaco on Twitter for more Android fun! Don't touch the device or unplug while rooting! Push files * daemon not running. starting it now * * daemon started successfully * Been waiting about 10mins, still nothing, just hanging there :(
  5. Didn't work for me :( Phone rebooted a few times. I installed SU from Market but still no go :( R3 Version.
  6. Once you flash CWN trojanere open it and go to Backup/Restore and make a backup. That way you can always go back to your current stock setup should you not like any of the roms that you flash :)
  7. The key with the current ways of rooting the HOX is not the methods but the fact that you have to unlock your device with HTCDEV.com first. If you don't do that then none of the methods will work. There's are a few ways of doing it as like with anything else, once an easier more practical way has been found then it doesn't make sense to do it the 'old hard way' anymore. That's why many people are working to find an S-Off method, or at the very least an exploit so that we can unlock and fully relock without using HTCDEV.com and lose our Warranty.
  8. I also have the 'Pixel light' but no ripples. I would get that ripple thing looked into as it could lead to more issues down the line.
  9. Found out Paul was away on holiday so did some digging around and found this: S-Off I have no idea what anything on that site says or what the guy in the vid is saying as I only speak english :S but YAYa!
  10. I was getting connection dropouts and poor signal but the new OTA 1.28 update has fixed that :D
  11. Thanks for the heads up. Only 30MB update, installed and seems fine. Battery and signal seem better but not sure if that is a placebo effect or not...
  12. Care to elaborate? Is it yourself that is looking into it and if not do you know if it is still being worked on? My HOX has the shakes for some flashing fun :P
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