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  1. every processing is done on a PC, then PC streams the screen to omnia. so basically its just streaming.
  2. I came from iPod classic 80GB too, until my wife "stole" it so Im left with omnia as mp3 player B) . And I was using CX500 too with my iPod, but had to convert to other earphones that can be disconnected at the middle, using CX500 is too long for me. 1. If you are using WMP, you dont have to change player if your problem is just the small control, you can change the skin that have larger controls, I have attached a skin here you can try, you can look for other skins if this doesnt suit you. 2. Had same problem, I had to choose which music or albums I usually play the most. After creating a playlist on itune (smart or simple), I select all (CTRL+A) and copy and paste to a folder on my omnia, like I would create a smartlist of my 5 star songs, select them all and copy and paste them to my omnia on a folder named "Favorites". same with album. On other songs, I had to rely on the folder, just copy and paste the folder. Luckily iTunes embed the artwork and other info on the mp3. 3. About the sound quality, I think its comparable to iPod, samsung isnt like other cheap cellphones that have inferior SQ. Just a comparison, my Omnia sound better than my PSP. 4. I once tried playing my omnia from home to work to home, from 100%, it took around 8 hours to drain the battery, but my mp3 is VBR 128 to 320. after answering all your question, i kinda miss my ipod, i just dont have the balls to get it back from my wifey :( WMP_Skin_iPhone.cab
  3. "vga and wvga is possible qvga is not acceptable because you can not see what is happening on screen " from xda-dev
  4. I dont use it, but MAYBE I would if I didnt have to lift my finger to go around the screen. a scroll ball maybe?
  5. not exactly what you want, but search for DLNA on google, our phone named it as Connected Home application, i used it to let my Windows Media Player 11 on my PC be able to browse the music, videos and pictures on my phone.
  6. this apps use internet right? i thought it can tune on AM via AM band.
  7. im curious about the SecurityRed software, maybe someone from italy can extract this from their omnia reload and create a cab and upload here?
  8. nice keyboard, i like the response, tried "the quick brown fox" and finished it with no error.
  9. but we didnt bought our omnia for gaming B) omnia for business, office works, iPhone for gaming.
  10. i think because its too long if you are going to use a normal earphone with it. this short alternative lets you use long cabled earphones.
  11. i used to have spb mobile shell, now im using m2d, i find spb as just a "launcher" with calendar view, clock view, etc. plus its not a today item. m2d is a today item, with more functions like today desktop audio player, picture browser, sms, email, etc. though with a lot of functions comes a lot of space needed, i installed complete m2d on official firmware and i was left with 5MB of space, i had to use cooked firmware so ill have more space.
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