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  1. Hi Warnold007 The Invaders game works fine. If you go to start>programs>getting started>Click on either Set Back Ground or ringtone an click on windows mobile owners circle it will take you a list of games, ringtones, themes that you can download. You can either use the trial version of Invaders or pay $5.99 for it. When you click on games and choose Invaders, just click on touch screen and you can then download it. I have played the trial version a lot of times and I am considering payingfor the full game. I hope this helps. Sire1980
  2. Hi There If you rename your album art to folder and place into the album folder it will show that image on all of the songs relating to that folder in your touch player. Regards Sire1980
  3. Hi Loquillo Well I have found myself addicted to the invaders game that you can download on the omnia, the suduko game isn't bad either. The only games I wasnt able to use were Guitar Hero 3 and Da-Glom & I really wanted the guitar hero too. Just go to getting started in your apps - click on ringtones, and click on there html site. at the bottom, You will need a windows login ID to continue, once you have set one up. Just go to games and download from there, save it and then save your cab file. Regards Sire1980
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