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  1. Hi, just flashed my brothers San Fran with this rom and am very impressed but how do i uninstall or disable McAfee Wave Secure from booting up each time. Titanium won't allow it to be uninstalled. Am help is appreciated
  2. Thanks for the info mate. I'm only really interested in the CRT screen off animation, is it contained in the framework-res or SystemUI apk??
  3. What exactly are the stock notification icons compared to the ones already on the phone??
  4. Anyone have any info on how this rom differs from the WKDD build, other than romoving my O2 branding. Any pros or cons??
  5. Thanks for the info...am really hoping that they throw in the bluetooth Headset for the UK version...I know it's part of the Danish retail package...fingers crossed. I know you've stated the sound is poor through the speaker, can you confirm whether it is loud enough not to miss calls if in your pocket and also is the sound any good through the headphones?? Cheers :P
  6. Can you confirm whether you had the MW600 Bluetooth Headphones included in the pack as in the 5th unboxing picture it looks as if it is that next to the pouch?? Unboxing Pic Also, if you don't mind telling me which country is this retail unit from??
  7. A few things I interested in knowing is whether it has stereo speakers and how good the sound is from them. Am really hoping the sound isn't as bad as the X1 from the speaker. Also is the sound loud enough from the speakers not to miss calls if it's in your pocket?? Cheers Edit: Sorry, just read you mini review...very disapointed the sound through the speakers is poor...what happened to the old SE phones that had a decent sound through the speaker
  8. I've pre-ordered mine via a third party (mobiles.co.uk) as I really don't want Orange to ruin the phone with their software and meddling, have gone for an 18 month contract, 1200 mins, unlimited text and 500mb internet for £35 a month, the only downside the phone is costing £69.99 and I'll have a new number (which is sometimes good to get rid of those people that managed to get your number :P ) Really looking forward to the phone no matter what bad word it's receiving on the internet for not having multi-touch etc...have heard stock is expected on Good Friday (2nd April) by mobiles.co.uk :(
  9. Am spoilt for choices now with new roms popping up every day Can anyone advise what the advantages / disadvantages are of increasing the page pool are?? Cheers
  10. Very impressed by this rom...very responsive and fast. Has the right balance between apps that are needed and those that are not. Excellent work chef :)
  11. Thanks for the info guys...will give it a flash later :)
  12. Am gonna give this rom (JC2 version) a try after such endorsement from you guys but which csc do I use for English as there are 2 in the download - CSC_I8KJB3PV004 and I8000HTGYJC2. What is the difference between them??
  13. I found I had a problem with both emails and SMS on the JC2 rom, was unable to type a new one or read a received one. Had to flash back to JC1 and all is fine with both email and SMS :)
  14. Just found the latest unboxing video for the X10 over on Phonedog.com. Must admit it's looking pretty good and seems very responsive. For some uknown reason am more tempted to get this over the HTC Desire... X10 Unboxing
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