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  1. what about new symbian for touch? will there be loads of apps? because they are incompatible with the older symbian, right?
  2. will buy for sure I loved my omnia, but I sold because the screen was REALLY bad sensitive and resolution now has good res and CAPACITIVE touchscreen thats perfect!
  3. Hi there http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/omnia/sg/sub02_xp.jsp In this site there are no samsung modem driver download is it still needed? where do I get an official link to the driver? Thanks!
  4. sold my Omnia today maybe I'm getting a dedicated camera, canon a590is maybe :lol:
  5. Got a TP in exchange of Omnia I'm much happier now... MUCH MORE sensitive screen, screen resolution is awesome, keyboard is very cool, xda forums is superb. Im just missing the camera and the great omnia flash :lol:
  6. well, indoor photos with poor light conditions usually are bad but no doubt my ex-n95 for exemple had better quality than this
  7. I totally understand you... I like tweaks, nerd programs,and all, thats why I'm sticking with Windows Mobile for some time... What I like the most in iphone is the capacitive screen and its sensitiveness, its great! I sold my Omnia and got a Touch Pro... I still miss the camera and great flash, but screen sensitiveness in touch pro is waaaay better than Omnia, but way worse than iphone the perfect combination would be a capacitive screen with stylus, dont know if its possible tho.... totally agree that UI in iphone is great too, but I dont like the apple-way-of-life... I'm putting my coins in android, maybe in a year I'll get one of those... great thread, no big flames, just arguing... nice! I love this forum
  8. if you go to start menu, programs and then games how you go back to programs ?
  9. HH3 from samsung site (DZHH3) HI1 from here, secany's post
  10. mine was originally DXHG3 Then HH3 Then HI1
  11. have you tried going to task manager, show -> processes and order by memory usage? sometimes a program stays in background eating memory...
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