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  1. Finally - the 16gb Micro SD Card is out...I can't wait to try it. For all you U.S. Omnia owners (or other Sandisk Micro Sdhc 16Gb Card compatible phones), you may want to try Amazon.co.uk to get the card (the UK has all the good stuff). WearTheFoxHat - Not sure if you tried, but I convert my movie files and TV shows to MP4 or AVI/DIVX and they work great (the quality is even good when using the TV Out cable). My movie files range around 250-400 mb, while TV shows range between 40-90 mb.
  2. I heard the same (Mirage to come to AT&T)...it's a shame that the U.S. is last on Earth in Cell Phone Technology. Personally, I'm liking my Omnia more and more each day. I can't imagine the Mirage being better than Omnia.
  3. Below is a quick Google Link to the I-Phone Emulator (which would look great on a Samsung Omnia i900): http://code.google.com/p/iphonenes/ Whomever created that emulator had the right idea...the screen alone looks awesome! somedude - I'm going to try Pocket SNES...I'm hoping the bugs get fixed shortly.
  4. Can anyone recommend an effective Video Game emulator(s) for the Samsung Omnia i900? I'm not sure if any one has been succesful installing NES/SNES emulators (ex. Smartgear) on their Omnia i900, but it appears that most emulators I encounter are either: a) unable to recognize the touchscreen with no on-screen buttons or ;) has video/audio sync issues with serious audio lag time. With all these new advanced smartphones being released, I'm hoping more effective emulators will soon follow. I've seen the I-Phone NES emulator with operational old-school controller buttons, and I must say, that would look great on an Omnia. P.S. So far, Smartgear seems to work the best, although the rotation feature has a bug in it (it rotates into the wrong direction each time I flip the phone). Smartgear Version 1.0.4
  5. pidsw - I'm with you on this. I'm in the U.S. and with AT&T. From what I'm hearing, the Samsung Omnia will now slated to be released as the Samsung Mirage here in the states. This is "supposedly" able to tap into U.S. 3G. Im hoping there is a wizard out there who can figure out how to enable/tap into AT&T U.S. 3G networks for the Omnia i900. EDGE is pretty good, but need the speed for the Sling Mobile Player. ;)
  6. Amerikiwi - I'm not sure if Sprite will work. I just flashed the new Singapore ROM and lost even stuff on 'my storage'. If files are on the PC using activesync, then you should be able to restore. Other than that, the ROM works great!
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