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  1. Also I've just reinstalled Google Wallet and my Google Account already has my UK Credit card on the website so it was shown up in the wallet - Clicked add and its added it with my UK address attached? So does this mean it will work now? UK Credit Card with UK Address?
  2. Just a question? Why did you need a US address if the entropay card works with the UK address? I have a US address from US Unlocked but can't see how this works. Seems a cheaper option to use? As you are only charged 5% for loading cash on there?
  3. The latest version from the market is CURRENT VERSION: 1.5-R75-v6 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.walletnfcrel Wonder if that will support UK Credit cards?
  4. Thanks but tried reset wallet before doing that and now just sticks on adding card?
  5. Any idea of the changes? V5 to V12 seems a little odd? Play Store says What's New What's in this version:* Support for new device form factors * Prepaid topup improvements * Security enhancements
  6. Finally managed to sort it on the Galaxy S3, if you are having problems with "Adding Card" here is what I did. Open Google Wallet, Reset Account, Opened Titanium Backup, Manage Android ID, Created a New ID. I also restored the App and Data in TB Backup and it now shows my card loaded up with 25$ :D Edit I also removed my UK Credit Card from Google Wallet https://wallet.google.com/manage/#paymentMethods: Not sure if they made any difference
  7. Boo, it was working for me on SGS3 CM9 but went back to stock and now restored my CWM backup and its stuck on Adding Card :( Just thinking I have CMW Backup of the working Wallet so do I need to add money into there before I can reset account again? At the moment there is only 2USD in there Completely stuck now, I have added 25$ into my account and its working on CM9 Nightly 18/6, Opened Google Wallet and clicked reset account Installed the latest Nightly for the Galaxy S3 24/6 Now it just sticks on adding card
  8. With the latest CM9 beta for the SGS3 Google Wallet now works in the UK :D
  9. Fingers crossed then, seems we have 1 week to wait for S3 version then? http://www.androidauthority.com/sprint-galaxy-s3-release-date-set-june-21-pre-orders-92624/ June 21st
  10. Yeah I doubt you will get the updates with the O2U. Hard reset it via VOL + HOME And power Then flash again and Kies should register XEU
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