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  1. Have been using your Roms for the last three months; the main reason being the BT Fix. Very steady good ROMS. Though my UI is SPB Mobile Shell. Its the only real UI for Power users. The only problem is the delay in replying/forwarding to SMS. This is the only flaw. Everything else works. Kaunchai, I request you to concentrate on this one feature. Regards
  2. The most complete ROM I have used so far with BT all working. Now Kauinchai if only you could get Manila 2d to display more appointments on the home screen..... Thanks for the effort.
  3. Has anyone actually got Voice dial to activate when I press the button on my bluetooth device? I using Shoakka's 15M with BT ROM I have installed Jetaware and Cyberon VD. But it still needs me to initiate the Cyberon VD from my device. When I click the bluetooth button, it still just opens my phone dialer. Is it that the entire thread is dedicated to MS Voice commander? Regards
  4. Here it is. It'll be great if it is included in the next ROM. Regards CyberionVoiceSD_for_WM6_v1.2_build_61226_1.cab
  5. Thanks for the reply. Well, I check for email every 15 minutes. About 40 minutes of calls per day., Play about 20 minutes of bubble breaker. Thats about it. I take it off the charger by 8 am and by 10 pm the battery is down to 40-50 %. Any ideas? Regards
  6. Solved it using a cab from T2008's thread. Is it me or this ROM seems to be slowing down with use and drains battery fast. Regards
  7. I just tried the ROM. I must say it mighty fast and a pleasure. But to my disdain the bubble breaker game (which I downloaded from your kitchen) is completely faulty. I am a total BB fan. Please help or got to go back to stock ROMS. Regards
  8. Upgraded fromHH3 (bad Battery but all else fine) to HI2 and then HI3. My microphone quality has really dipped since HI2. People I call say there is a lot of disturbance while I speak. Works fine with my BT headset. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. I bought this for my HTC Diamond. Fits perfectly for my Omnia (belt Pouch). Great finish http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=156110
  10. I had the same problem. This was related to installation of icontact. It tries to add an icon in the settings and corrupts the controlpanel. I hard reset and reinstalled all else and used only a shrtcut to my old icontact installation on my storage. All fine now.
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