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  1. did a hard reset. still no dictionary on the samsing keyboard. love this rom and dont feel like leaving it but flashing back to the lte mdr rom
  2. dr dot the rom is stable! and looks very beautiful. one major issue is that the xt9 doesnt work at all for the samsung keyboard. its enabled in the options but doesnt show when the abc button on the keyboard is pressed(before, the abc changed to xt9) this is the ONLY reason why i might be flashing my phone with something less responsive than yours but where the xt9 works. GREAT work on the rom though. just work out xt9 and i shall always look forward to using dr dots roms cheers!
  3. +1. we need something that just backs up the phone! and +1 on the spb optimised rom too! this fella talks sense!
  4. why not search before you post? waste of a thread!
  5. if the motorola works then the dell should work too.. im very confused, and im mulling giving the omnia away and getting a simpler phone that does everything the way its supposed to. the omnia is really very buggy
  6. I just got my Dell BH200 headset in the mail today. Pairing was done in a second and I was very happy initially as the music played flawlessly and the quality was awesome(for an A2DP wireless device) my excitement turned into concern as i received a phone call and i realized i couldnt hear the call from the headset. i had to hold the phone and talk. whats happening? in the bluetooth menu, the wireless stereo AND the handsfree options are ticked so both profiles are active. whats happening here? is there a solution? played around a bit but theres only music playing through the headset. no phone calls. please help!
  7. or you could get the advanced configuration tool. works well for me!
  8. this is the best rom ive seen to date. my only issue with this is that FM(finger mouse) was the only navigation that i used(as my fingers are large and i dont keep the stylus with me) after downloading the cab and installing on device memory it still doesnt work. i click on the finger mouse icon in settings and there is no response. any idea how to get finger mouse back and running. i would really appreciate that!
  9. im going to try it on my phone. its currently on hj1 and im having quite a few issues with the battery and the camera just stops dead sometimes. also the blank screen of death has been cropping up lately. i dont care much about the space and storage and speed, because the speed is decent enough, but i do need the finger mouse which i shall be installing. any errors or problems of any sort will be relayed by me here.
  10. passoa, this is one of the most desirable roms youve cooked. one very sincere question: why hasnt ANYONE posted the rom theyve cooked??????
  11. i upgraded yesterday and posted here too..lol someone deleted my post anyways i updated and i find not too many differences. the messaging app is a lil faster thats it. HI3 had the worst network related issues ever i hope its sorted out in j1 besides this is a transitional phase after which we all will get to use cooked roms soon so this is not here to stay!
  12. paul! why dont u open a poll on this thread? make a list of all the things we ppl have mentioned and list them out. ppl can tick/select those features that they like, and remove features they dont. THEN you can cook a rom. i think thatll be very popular and based on ppls usage! whatsay?
  13. id like a SUPER light version that has the least features. only the bare minimums. the omnia comes with very less storage memory u know. and theres one thing id really like. if only there was a screen rotation software built in that one could determine WHERE one would want the auto screen rotation and where not. besides, id also like a shortcut key to screen rotation. im sorry if all this sounds out of reach but these features are very desirable. i would also want a better looking main menu and would love to have the original call log back where one can see the call timers. a very good media library should be included and the crappy samsung one must go. can a rom be cooked with increased sensitivity of the touchscreen? i come from the iphone 3g so the screen feels very dead and unresponsive at times. would also prefer to have the samsung dialler but with better skins. one more good idea would be to have the thumbable volume buttons a la the htc diamond. touch flow 2d is also very good and if embedded in the system, could help free some memory. i would also prefer if the SYSTEM details like processor speed and ram details were freely available in the phone, like the normal winmo devices. i have many more requests, and ill keep adding them as they come along.
  14. surprisingly there are no DD(india specific) roms available on this forum. its HI5 and very stable. i hope to see Pauls thread updated soon :-)
  15. ye.. the reason why i posted this complaint is that it doesnt work even after keeping the flash for notification on to no limit
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