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  1. FU2B

    Upgrade to WM6

    Why update to WM6.0, Get WM6.5 instead. Ask me how. :)
  2. FU2B

    Cab files

    Try to to delete Program and re-install.
  3. FU2B

    Dash Sync

    Go to Start up Menu/ Click on Active Sync Icon/ Hit Sync on bottom Left hand corner/ Device should connect.
  4. Check my Youtube page if you have ANY questions concerning your Tmobile Dash (HTC Excalibur). take care!! :)
  5. FU2B


    I have your FIX. Open up your text messaging window like your about to send a text message, HIT "ALT,SPACEBAR", select languages, select English and select ABC and your all done. ENJOY. If you have any others questions, Check out my Youtube page Below!!! :)
  6. FU2B

    CAB files?

    Check my YOUTUBE page out for answers! :)
  7. FU2B

    t mobile dash rom?

    Check out my Youtube page for any advice for Roms. LINK TO MY PAGE BELOW!! :)

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