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  1. just click and save it, then open it through File Explorer
  2. Few people from XDA-Developers have had issues with it.
  3. Dont mean to scare you, but I've heard nasty rumours about Zumobi messing up your Start Menu and Programs List. Just a warning to all i suppose, Just check the compatibility. I assume as its a US only Beta the Kaiser will be called the AT&T Tilt, so look for it in the compatibily list.
  4. i prefer reperion. especially the google earth live tracking facility. Mologogo seems a little unstable at the moment.
  5. Depends what you're used to. I also have an HTC Universal, so I think its small..... lol
  6. There is a CAB somwhere that allows 2 instances of Internet Sharing to be installed on the device, one for BT/USB and one for Wifi. Cant remember where I saw it but i'd assume it was xda-developers.
  7. I find T's coverage better than Orange where i use it. But then it all depends on where you live and use your phone. Personally i have no experience of O2, my gf says they are very good, and have very good tariffs. If you have time to waste, get one of those free T Sims, check the coverage that way. ;)
  8. Try this, it used to work on my M5000. http://research.microsoft.com/mcom/portrait/
  9. A lot of people did, hence the fact O are losing customers and T are gaining them. As this is a discussion forum by definition, opinions will inevitably be aired. People have different opinions, deal with it.
  10. I transferred 2 500mb films onto my card last night, through the device, was fine........
  11. I was going to type all that about the Pro, but i didnt have the energy, but you've covered it all there. Oh and the England game starts in 10 minutes and all ive heard all week is people moaning about how their going to miss it as they are at work...........Hehehe not me.
  12. Another SanDisk 6gb user here. No problems at all.
  13. You need to buy a Slingbox, circa £100, http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/product/s...lingbox_product I had a discount voucher code for PcWorld, but ive lost it. Then you'll need slingplayer, i think its £15-20 for the PPC version, and free for the PC version. They used to do the mobile version free when u registered your slingbx, but alas they no longer do.
  14. Yeah, and the guy on the grassy knoll would have been shafted. lol
  15. To be quite honest, it sometimes feels like the mobile slingplayer is throttled to hold back bandwidth, i assume to save battery life. They havent released a new version for a while, so hopefully now WM6 is the norm, and faster processors/connections are more common, they will update the software to enable even higher quality video.
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