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  1. deeoo

    ksoftirqd/0 eats CPU and battery

    Same issue here. Sgs connecting through wpa. Android 2.1
  2. deeoo

    Google Maps 4.0

    4.0 still crashes when using 'My Location' and 'GPS' on my Omnia i900.
  3. wmplayer.exe doesn't work in this ROM? I'm having big problems with alarm-sounds and rintones.
  4. Been trying some roms and this one I like best. Small, basic and stable!
  5. Seems like a nice ROM. Thanks for your time and effort. The touch sensitivity is a problem though. I use TouchResponse for haptic feedback and often I feedback from touching the screen but the click didn't get through. So somehow the clicks are being caught bij TouchResponse but not by the programs. -update- I'm removing the Hammer. The touch-sesitivity is too important to be bad.
  6. Incredible! So happy to be rid of those notification errors. Thanx a bunch! -edit- Strike that. I still get the errors (repllog.exe, calnot.exe, tskschedule.exe)
  7. Same here. Thumbcal 1.3.5 and SPB mobile shell 3.
  8. I have exactly the same problem. Also, when recording my own voice with Resco Audio Recorder, the volume is really low.
  9. I agree that this should be optional. I find myself asking "you still there?" everytime there's a (comfortable) silence.
  10. Here's a list of HTC-sensor applications. http://wmpoweruser.com/?tag=stylus-sensor Is there a level-meter that works with the i900?
  11. deeoo

    invisible shield

    I'm not too happy with it either, but it like sex with a condom; it's not all that but at least it's safer.
  12. deeoo

    Omnia battery life

    I'd like to know that too.
  13. deeoo

    XXHH3 Radio

    Flashed to Phone-HH3 now. First impression is that the battery drains faster but I'll give it a day or two to check it out.
  14. The official languagepack (http://nl.samsungmobile.com/supports/softw...&sw_type=SW) does't do anything for me. It simply doesn't appear where it's supposed to appear. Situation here Phone:HH1 PDA:HG5 Former bricked dutch Vodaphone Omnia Now english
  15. Thanx for the tutorial! It fixed my bricked Omnia. Status: PDA: i900dxhh1 Phone: i900xxhg5 One thing; GPS isn't working. It's does find the GPS-device but it doesn't find sattelites. Not inside the house. Not outside the house. Not with WiFi and/or Bluetooth turned on. Tried it with IGO8, Google map and GPS viewer. GPS-settings: Program port:Com6 Hardware port: Com9 / 4800 baud rate Manage GPS automatically ON -edit- Sorry for polluting this topic. I found out that it's probably because I have no active sim yet that GPS won't work (bit weird though that these are connected). -edit2- Apparently it's not the lack of sim-card. More people have been having problems with 'no sattelite findings'.

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