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  1. Is anyone else having trouble receiving files via bluetooth with this ROM? I keep getting a "Remote device does not support service" error.
  2. I dont own a iphone 3gs, but i have seen the demos on youtube. First off, the iphone 3gs video quality seems to be better than the Omnia II's. Second off, Apple apps are better than windows mobile. And since the iphone is multitouch, you can play games using a virtual keypad(technically you can too with winmo, but it would be pretty difficult to pull of button combinations) Honestly, sometimes i feel like jumping off the winmo ship and getting the 3gs. But i do like the customizable factor the winmo has. I can run any ui on here, and tweak the phone to my liking. I can also add as much memory as i want. And i think winmo will catch up with the quality of the iphone apps, once their marketplace is lauched. Its crazy how windows mobile had a 7 year leap start and they still failed to deliver a app store.
  3. Wow. Now that is what im talking about. The audio makes a huge difference, it makes the overall presentation much better. Do you know how this person was able to record in HQ and then merge the audio file with the video file?
  4. No. Its probably because the omnia 2 has a poor audio sampling frequency. for example, looking at these two sample: Omnia 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4ZIHh4N7W0 IPhone 3gs For iphone 3gs, you dont hear any background noise. The audio is pretty clear. For the omnia 2, the audio doesnt sound as clear and you hear some background noise.
  5. Thats good that they had some good ninjas over there. I wonder if it will hit the Verizon stores first? To me it doesnt make since that Best Buy would get the phone before the actual Verizon store does. Maybe its time to start calling some Verizon stores and checking to see when they will get it...
  6. add another i910 owner with the "network" issue. :)
  7. whoa, had no idea...thanks for the scoop! Do you or someone you know work for verizon?
  8. This looks interesting.... http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2009/08/08/...on-august-23rd/ Im a little skeptical, but then again, im not sure why someone would make this up.
  9. Great video. Would you mind making another quick video showing the omnia ii being played inside the bluetooth gamepad? Im thinking about getting the gamepad and playing games the omnia ii on the train ride to and from work...
  10. For those of you who have had both Omnia's, what is your review of the Omnia's II GPS performance? Do you notice quicker locks? Does the Omnia II heat up very bad like the Omnia I? Does the Omnia II's battery drain quickly with GPs the same way the Omnia I did? Please share your experiences with the Omnia II GPS. I plan on using the GPS very frequently once i get it.
  11. Well what i meant by bad sound quality is the fact that you can hear a whistling noise in the audio. This is something i noticed in all of the videos for the Omnia 2. This was also true for Omnia I. And isnt the video quality more of a hardware specific thing? I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for a update to fix the video quality. There has been several updates for the Omnia I and none of them resolved the Omnia's poor video recording.
  12. stronger gps? do you mean you get faster locks? does the phone still heat up real bad when using gps?
  13. whoa, that is a huge letdown..I am not sure if i even want this phone anymore now ;). But it seems like the i8000 was able to play this file just fine:
  14. That video showed no lag on my i910. Have you tried using coreplayer?
  15. I used at least three or four custom roms from adranlyn, blazing wolf, etc. And the output was always the same with battery. If i used wifi router on the train to work, it would eat up two bars of the battery, and it would be dead before the workday is over. And forget about using gps on it. I had to buy a supersized battery just to get the phone to last of 10 hours of heavy usage(gps, internet, internet sharing)
  16. The videos werent too bad(not as good as i expected either), at least the framerate is better than the original omnia.
  17. yeah that one is terrible lol. What were the video settings for that one?
  18. I feel that the battery that came with my omnia(the i910) had poor performance. I could barely get through a workday without hearing those annoying "low battery" beeps. For those of you lucky enough to have the Omnia II, what is the battery life like? Also i was curious about: Does the phone heat up when using GPS? Is the screen visible in direct sunlight?
  19. dont worry, i think at&t has its own versioin coming out. The fcc just approved a gms model. edit: looks like that version is for latin america...
  20. can you guys please upload some sample video? i hope the video's taken by omnia ii arent as poor as the original.
  21. Wow, i just checked out some games for the iphone on youtube, and they really look amazing. Will winmo have games of this caliber being made? Im sorry but most of the games i have played on winmo are pretty poor and outdated. And the java games are pretty much like 8-bit nintendo games. Thank god for the emulators for winmo. Im looking forward to the playstation one. I just wish that winmo phones were multitouch, it would be much easier to use a virtual keypad.
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