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  1. Hello. I recently got a Samsung Sch-i760 to replace my XV6700, and am having a few issues with it: 1. The right side of the screen (maybe last 16 pixels to the right) doesn't seem to align, and it's not a calibration issue. Maybe it's hardware, but I hope software. 2. Manilla 2D doesn't seem to install, even the non-HTC device versions 3. The MicroSD slot won't accept - or even recognize - my 4 GB microSD card. Can someone please help? Thanks! <_< EDIT: Never mind on the #1 and #3
  2. plz does anyone have any idea... if not, ill just goto verizon thanks winallsys B)
  3. Hi, I'm new and I just got a XV6700. It's been working great, but lately the sound has been acting up. It doesn't work at all when a headset isn't plugged in, completely works on the speakerphone/main speaker when a headset is somewhat plugged in, and then the headset (a stereo iDigi) works in the right/both earbuds when plugged in various ways. My Pocket Pc/phone used to work perfectly. Can anyone help? Thanx!
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