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  1. I can wait, and next time, no prevaricating from me! :D
  2. Is this offer still on? When I enter the discount code, the price stays at £29.99 on the order page!
  3. Any news on this? If so, how do we go about getting it for £5 a month please. :lol:
  4. Yoshin, Briefly, you extract the .CAB file if necessary, copy it to your phone using Activesync, then find and run the .CAB file on you phone using File Explorer or some other file manager of your choice. That will install whatever app/game the .CAB file is for. If you need more help than that, just ask.
  5. Nice work AW. Some really nice designs here, good stuff! :lol:
  6. My 2008 effort, chose a relatively simple design.
  7. They both look awesome guys! Just about to start on mine, as its late, I'm just going with a traditional face theme, will post pic later tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Yes, however, I would have to shell out the full £600+ all at once rather than spreading it over 18 months buying on contract, and T-Mobile signal in my house wasn't that great anyway, they just had the best deal on the last phone I wanted. My SEX1 on o2 should arrive tomorrow.
  9. Very interesting! Just after I'd gone from T-Mobile to an X1 from o2, they turn up on T-Mobile! The Retentions guy at T even said "Oh, yeah, the X1, we'll probably never be doing that phone" :lol:
  10. Thanks Mark, that's very helpful.
  11. Here is one of mine, its not the most complex one I have done (can't find a pic of that one yet), but it did receive some nice comments from the ghosts and ghoulies who came trick or treating that night. Photographing pumpkins is hard by the way, hence the grainy, poorly focussed pic. </excuse>
  12. Can I just confirm that you are saying that I could start a new contract with o2, then ring o2 as soon as I have the phone and give them a PAC code to port my old number from T-Mobile to o2?
  13. Same here, now if only T-Mobile can improve reception in my village. Cue cries of 'I am the only T-Mobile user in this village!' :oops:
  14. Further to my earlier problem, syncing seems to work fine when I am out of the office, using a different XP Hardware Profile than when I am in the office. However, when I am in the office, my laptop is in a docking station and automatically uses a profile called 'Docked Profile' which is not selectable at bootup like normal profiles. Any ideas?
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