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  1. im using garmin...has quite good maps (australia) and it works good. i used to use tt on my other phones but i find garmin much better
  2. i was on omnia 2 and to be honest i miss it. hd2 is a good phone...well considering fact that sms goes sometimes to wrong person...as i read on the net.. sms not sending at all or other end recieves it few hours later; .but my question is..how do u streem videos from your pc to hd2 va wifi. omnia2 had it sorted out with connect home app
  3. welcome to my world .... i had the same problem. phone is not in stock etc etc. i got fed up and wrote them an email that i will report them to ebay and pay pal. all of suden i was sent new tracking number. (they sent it via fedex and i didnt have to pay for it) anyway i would suggest to stay clear away from them.
  4. at least 2-3 weeks u will be without phone. how are u sending it back?
  5. yeah ok...as i said i had to return it as well...bought it from same seller. the story was: i sent it back via fedex...postage was 120 aud which i had to pay. in "her" return policy it says that if the phone is faulty and recieved within 14 days they will replace it. well....i recieved email back that my phone was sent to samsung for repair!!! after some emails and delais (sorry we dont have new phones in stock) i was sent "new" phone. the security seals on the box were broken and the whole box was "sealed" in some plastic (like when u buy prepacked meat from supermarket) i sent email back that its not new and i want another one. the reply was that they had to test it if its working. by the way my phone has the first rom....so i dunno what "out of stock" and "awaiting new stock" she was talking about. after 3 stressful weeks (thinking ive lost 850 dollars plus postage back to singapore) i can say ..so far so good. touch wood. well ive learned my lesson. never buy form overseas seller.
  6. honestly...i dont understand the point of slide out touch keyboard....its hard to message on it as on "normal" touch keyboard i reckon.
  7. bad news people, if u can get reception u have to send it back, motherboard problem. it happened to me after a day...got it of ebay from singapoore and thank god they exchanged it. well im a bit worried now that it happened to u after few weeks.
  8. but does it have the same power output??? im driving a lot and using car charger most of the time
  9. hello, after screwing up my omniaI with a car charger im kinda scared that i will screw up my new omnia II. what would u recomend what type of car charger i should use...which one are compatible etc. thanks
  10. hi, the screen is better than in omnia 1, so u will have no problems tu be honest i dont know whats the big fuss about with tht sunlight. i can read the screen on direct sun without any problems....yes its not perfect (dont even try to compare it to newspaper)..and yes i live in australia...maybe we have different sun here...lolol i have garmin xt and its ok. i like the google search on it.
  11. that wont help. i had the same problem. sorry to say this but i had to return my phone to seller (ebay) after while they send me back..apparently new one which had broken security seals but at least its working. im too scared to play with settings atm lol
  12. just get the singapore one works fine on vodafone australia
  13. good for u:))) i have a slight prob. i followed that guide to change it to singapore...at first my device wasnt restarting after putting all those numbers in...so then i tried to change it to australia, and surprise it rebooted itself. now im back to singapoore but it keep saying i have incorect software:( could u (or anyone) please describe step to step how u did it...for us dumb omnia users. thank u:) i have downloaded official update from samsung website and so far i have that gh4 rom
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