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  1. I'm using Daskalos build 21679 Full ROM for quite a long time and it's really nice IMO. But I wonder how have you been using B7610 for 2 years, if it was released on October 2009? :)
  2. Dotfred's Task Manager can export and import .REG files.
  3. Open Samsung's Clock, edit your current alarm and check the "Auto power up" box. It worked for me on 6.5 and still works on 6.5.3.
  4. Many apps use regional settings to detect user's native language, so it's a good point to start.
  5. On official ROMs, B7610 will be very slow for 10-60 secs and then it'll run almost normally. On Daskalos ROMs it's slower for only few seconds. Unfortunately, WM works a bit slower if screen isn't in portrait mode. I've noticed it on HTC Touch too, so I guess it's not Samsung's fault.
  6. Program shortcuts are stored in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs like urphonesux said. You can edit this folder with any file manager or use JSPA Program Manager, which was designed specially for editing Start menu. YouTube from Omnia 2 works on Pro too, I'm using it on Daskalos 6.5.3 b21664 ROM. Get it here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...abs-repository/
  7. Registry editing how-to and tweaking tips: http://pda.pl/news/podrecznik_poczatkujacego_tweakera/ Advanced Configuration Tool will work on every WM-based PocketPC, you can download it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=418151 But there are no settings for motion and proximity sensors. Next time use "Search" button before asking questions. BTW jakich ustawień do tych czujników potrzebujesz? Nie mam pojęcia co w nich można by chcieć zmienić.
  8. Flash megalite ROM first, then install CABs you need. You can find them somewhere on this forum.
  9. Windows Mobile apps are provided as CAB files. Marketplace downloads a CAB for the application you choose and installs it. Developer can choose if the app can be installed anywhere else than to main storage when he's creating a CAB. Maybe apps you've downloaded were preconfigured to always install to main storage.
  10. I've had similar problem with build 21664, reflashing the same one fixed it so I guess hard reset will too.
  11. There's an option to replace default lock screen in S2U2 settings. I'm using it right now, holding the button doesn't unlock it. Custom ROMs are usually faster, but can have some bugs. I'm using Daskalos WM 6.5.3 build 21664 and it's nice, I like the new 6.5.3 bottom Start menu. First, the Samsung alarms didn't work, but it's OK now after hard reset.
  12. This ROM contains all Samsung apps + some 3rd party apps. If you don't want Samsung apps, look for daskalos' Megalite ROMs. And yes, Samsung's settings have some additional options that you can't access via Microsoft settings (USB settings for example).
  13. I've got a serious problem with this ROM. When I tap anywhere in the top right corner (marked red on image below), programs detect a tap somewhere in the blue-marked area. It happens in all non-fullscreen apps, but fullscreen ones work (for example, device passes the *#0*# screen test). Also, MyMobiler (app that allows to control device from PC) doesn't have this bug, so I guess there's some problem between screen driver and OS. It's really annoying, especially in Total Commander. Other builds (21664, 21914) don't have this problem. Does anybody know the solution?
  14. Doesn't work on Daskalos 6.5.3 b21664 Full ROM. "Launching Sense" blinks few times, then "Tap here to launch Sense" shows up.
  15. Keyboard layouts are stored in CSC part. Flashing another CSC should fix the problem as Budniu suggested. Powodzenia :huh:
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