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  1. Sounds great! :unsure: On my GEN1 blade currently runs Swedish Spring and RLS4 Clockwork Recovery.. How can i apply this rom? :) Thanks!
  2. That means what? I have an Gen1 Blade, so i have to change it to Gen2 before i apply the update? :unsure:
  3. hey guys, hey flibblesan.. Thanks for your effort! I have a question. Has somebody tried to use Skype with this ROM? I tried it with JJR7 and it didn't work very well -> it just works with the speaker, so the telephonee hear themselves. Thanks!
  4. At first - thanks kalt for this great ROM. So, i'm developing a music app for android, and i tried to run this app on the phone, but i got errors on starting the mediaplayer. I know there are some "known issues" with the starfr..-media player. Is there a possibility to fix that? best!
  5. hey :unsure: and i need a switzerland ok-mobile stock rom B) Would be really great if someone could upload this rom. Thanks a lot
  6. but there is a possibility that zte releases the kernel source, am i right?
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the stock rom uploads! So, yesterday i downloaded the OCH Stock rom, and today i tried to apply it on my blade. But it doesnt work. I got an error 7: "assert failed: write_raw_image("/tmp/boot.img", "boot") E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip Any suggestions to this error? Thanks!
  8. ph0o

    RTL8187SE support possibly on the way...

    Hm.. I can't wait .. ;) Few days ago, i bought one dell 1490 card by ebay .. but the card doesn't work .. greeZ
  9. Yes, you have to install the OS again. :/ GreeZ
  10. You remember right ;) I had the same problem one day ago :wacko:
  11. Hoi andrewgordo, i had the same problem today. If you have the default WLAN Card instered you have to CHECK under NETWORK the Realtek 1000 Driver (I hope i'm right). After the new installation all should work. I hope you understand ;) greeZ UPDATE: Btw. thx paul, for your great tutorial!!

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