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  1. Since TL is cooked in the ROM, if you want to remove it, you can delete the files manually by using a file manager with delete ROM files capabilities and you would also need to manually clean the registry. Attached below is the original folderview.exe which you can copy to \Windows\ overwriting the current version. It should open up the normal "Programs window". I have not tested it so let me know if it works for you or not. As for M2D05, apparently there'll be a new January ROM coming out soon, so I'll probably wait for that. Personally, I always make sure my ROMs and it's functions are as stable as can be before release, and the HKxx ROMs seem to be the most stable at the moment. I am still using M2D04 myself and am pleased with it's stability, so M2D05 will have to have much improvements for it to make sense as an "upgrade". As mentioned many times, I try to test it as comprehensively as I can, so users can have a bug-free & worry free experience... Cheers! folderview.zip
  2. Never happened to me before, but my best guess that's causing your problem would be the theme, especially if you had changed or modified it. Please try the themes from sector's thread here as he has modified them to fit the resolution of the Omnia and should work nicely. Probably might want to download and reinstall the modem drivers again. Cheers!
  3. Sorry for the lack of activity lately, as you know it's the holiday season and unfortunately my PC had crashed, so I had to get a new one :) Had lost some important work so I'm rushing to finish it before my deadline. But don't worry people, a new ROM will be coming soon... i hope :rolleyes: with so many new ROMs available now, you are really spoilt for choice. 1)Yup, it's Rltoday and the files are located in \Program Files\rltoday\default in your device. 2) See Post #1 "- TouchLaunch Note: for "All Programs" to work in M2D, please run the app in Start Menu\Program and tick the option for it to "replace folderview". Also, it is recommended to minimise instead of closing the program as it takes a while to load." 3) Once the above is done, it will work. Cheers!
  4. I will definitely give this a try, if any one has cooked a custom ROM, they will know that many steps are repetitive. ie. when a new build comes out, the same app files will have to be manually deleted with it's associated rgu's, files and such. The scripting functions look to be a time saver and I'll comment on it once I've played around with it. Great work so far and this could really be epic!
  5. Once HL2 gets released by secany, there should be a new update before the new year. Try the new link here. You should try sector's themes which he painstakingly converted to fit the Omnia's resolution here. So if you have any problems with the themes, I'm sure he'll help. Don't forget to support him too :)
  6. Yup, try using the new tool, old versions might have problems with newer ROMs.
  7. I'll probably wait till DXHL2 is out to build a new ROM, which according to secany will have more improvements. As for the black keyboard, it's the in the 2nd post of this thread :rolleyes: Cheers!
  8. Thanks all for your kind words. I'm waiting for more reports based on HK3, apparently it may be less stable than HK2, so I'll give it a few more days to see if it's worth the upgrade. Cheers!
  9. Hi All, I apologise for the lack of responses / updates. My beloved grandmother had passed on a few days ago and I was busy with the funeral arrangements. But do not worry as I would still be monitoring this thread for any major problems and would update a new ROM should there be any significant improvements in builds or apps. Until then, I do hope those with more experience would help those who are flashing their devices for the first time and need advice. Regards...
  10. Probably when DXHK2 comes out, I'll be out of town for a relatives' wedding in 2 days, and have quite a bit of work to finish, so I don't have the time to look into now. I'll be back in a week, so hopefully HK2 or maybe even HK3 is out by then B) Don't use S2U2, so I can't confirm, but to reply to the earlier post about the Geotagging with the Camera, it works for me. You just have to wait till a GPS location is fixed before the "Loading" screen disappears, so it might seem like it hung. Will give it a try, the previous version did have sound problems, I initially thought it might have something to do with the Flash videos, but it happened after a soft reset with rotation. I'll try to have a look at it, but as I mentioned earlier I'm a little tied up now... I'll have to look into the orientation when I have some free time too, not sure how hardcoded it is. Hopefully some simple hexediting will solve it. Restarting M2D everytime it rotates should be fine, it takes about 3secs on my device and for landscape support, I think it'll be worth it B)
  11. Personally don't use this function so others who do maybe can comment on it. Hi my friend, nice hotel you have there, hopefully you can give me some good rates if I ever go there B) Tried it and here are the results... You have to remember that WinMo is a little behind when it comes to Flash content. First page of your site does not load, but if I click on welcome then it continues to load with the links functioning. The Flash banner also has trouble playing some images, but that's the limitation of FlashLite3.1 It also happened to me once, I was browsing some Flash streaming sites and thought perhaps some videos caused the problem, when not streaming videos, it has not happened to me. But even without sounds, the Samsung Alarm did ring. Nice, I will give it a try... I'm not too sure how effective it is when it comes to cleaning registries, sure it takes up space for internet cache items but for registries? I wouldn't really want to mess with it B) You can try here for the normal coloured keyboard or this post for the black keyboard. True, and I've been bribing her with rented DVD's (dling will take too long) so she'll allow me to spend my weekends customising ROMs and not go out with her... So part of the donations received goes to DVD rental too :(
  12. As for LTE03, it might need to wait a while, I concur that it'll better to wait for DXHK2 and furthermore I'll be out of town in a few days time, so have quite a bit of work to finish before I leave. You can try following the steps in the tutorial here. Seems daunting at first but after a while, it's pretty straight forward.
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