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  1. Depends on price, if you get an i900 for a good price its still a very good device and with one of the new custom 6.5 roms its very fast.
  2. Software its not so important since most versions can be moved from device to device. The new Experia is as most devices a "could have been" one too.... It has all..except leading edge processing power, capacitive and amoled display. So as usual selecting a device is a numbers game... What it boils down too is what features is most important to you? Samsung Pro .. processing power and amoled screen. Sony Experia .. looks and camera. HTC Touch Pro .. looks and touchflo. The Samsung pro has leading edge processing power and screen ... but the device looks and lack of "tilting" screen might be a deal breaker. For the HTC and Sony .. well Sony trumps htc on all points (except screen size and touchflo) , so unless those 2 are your main target..Sony is clearly ahead... What would you choose?
  3. The new Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 looks sweet too , here is a preview from ADVERT LINK REMOVED
  4. Have tried many viewers but somehow i keep going back to the Samsung Media Album app, its fast, easy to use and finger friendly, you can slide between images in the same folder and it has easy tap to zoom functions. The Chilli one looked nice too, might give it a try. Kinoma Play also have a nice image viewer built in....
  5. Touchpal is great...and my current favorite.. Resco Keybord is also good, but definitely needs a new skin/layout since key characters like for instance . is not readily available without doing a switch. The "standard" Samsung keybord is ok, but a bit "imprecise" , but i found the black "russian" version to be a bit better and it allows fairly fast and precise typing.
  6. Thanks for some awesome Roms , i just have one request could you remove the HTC emulators from the "Lite" roms? The reason i ask is that the HTC Emulators interfere with some 3 party programs, like for instance Kinoma Play.
  7. Viable alternative replacements: - Nokia N-97 - Iphone 3G S - HTC Touch Diamond2 - Samsung I8000 Omnia II - Samsung B7610 Omnia Pro - Sony Ericsson Satio - Toshiba TG01 But the one which will most likly be the one to replace it will be: Samsung i8910 Omnia HD
  8. The omnina screen like all winmo phones are resistive and not capacitive like the Iphone screen, thats why it will never be as sensitive. But then again you can use the screen with gloves on or with any pointed object while the iphone screen you can only use with bare fingers. SMS-Chat by vito is a nice looking SMS app.
  9. Like to keep my options open so i have Resco Keyboard Pro, Vito Zoomboard , Fingerkeyboard 2 and TouchPal on mine :-)
  10. Strange, mine also have Route 66 and i can search for addresses, locations and attractions ++++ The only thing which is "seriously" wrong with the Omnia is the poor legibility of the screen in sunlight.
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