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  1. Well, it's the future......... Is there anyone out there who would admit to still owning an Omnia? Post #2500
  2. Hi Paul Running 4.4.1 (CM Sources), was using GPe 4.4 variations, and everything seems usable. Would really appreciate using Switch with 4.4.* builds. Take care
  3. Thanks for that EddyOS; something worth dusting my Desire off for. @ everyone else; Paul will not respond regarding this site (HTCCODE); as obviously there is money to be made (like we all keep saying). So, just stay away from it. Looks like we can do it for free now, using the app linked by EddyOS. :P
  4. Thats the way to do it ;) I much prefer to use AdamG's Oxygen or Noonski's NSA as a base to build on. We dont need/use most of the stuff people put in the ROM. I know from experience, you end up putting stuff in to cater for a wider audience. When really, we should just make bare bones ROMs, users can install what the hell they want afterwards. I think the OP just wanted to show the noobs that you dont have to stay on MCR, for some they feel obliged because they paid some money to get access to the kitchens. Truth is, in my opinion, that once you have used the kitchen once or twice, you have got a return on your money. Congrats to the OP. ;)
  5. Looks really nice; why wasnt stuff like this available when i was cooking ?? Shame, some ultra cool stuff out nowadays. Good work and keep it up! take care
  6. Hi peeps!! Long time to speaky or see ;) Ock; your ROMs still looking very good! Nice job, keep it going. You guys should get a WP7 device; i will get one soon, when the 'closed' OS is a little more 'open' ;) Take care guys have fun
  7. I have some on my PC at home; they work fine? I use Win7 64bit Professional. To be honest, i use a WinXP 32bit PC to use Unrevoked, but that was it. Everything else is done on my Win7 PC. If i get time i will put here. But it's Friday, pay day, and its been a long week :) so i doubt it will be done today. Possibly tomorrow. Hope someone else gets there before me :lol:
  8. I think you have hit the preverbial nail on the head ;) I just hope this isnt the case, i am sure Paul has had many complaints over this, i have seen numerous people in numerous Android device threads here at modaco. It must be worth a lot, if he hasnt taken it down.
  9. just catch the fool when he goes online at the website, the support is him. He is cocky and very very annoying. He will point you to another thread at his site, where it tells people to pay an additoinal $15 for the new code. Just tell him you want the money back, and he will reluctantly refund your Paypal. If he wont, just go into his forums, and start posting how much of a rip off he is! Also, look for my posts on this, in another thread, i give the name of his hosts, and a link to email them, so you can report him. I have NO idea why Paul is still linking his site, other than to make money from the pay per click or some other agreement he may or may not have with the vendor. Either, a lot of people fall for this as its linked on this (Pauls) website. Good luck, it took me 6 hours to get my refund. But i got it. ;)
  10. Works on HTC Wildfire. Had to remove AndroidSDK for it to do it tho!! WTF? Spent far too long trying to unrootinize and rebrand it; so someone could take it back :unsure: Thanks
  11. I posted about this in the Desire forums (in Dec 2010 sometime); also pm'd Paul (modaco owner) and tweeted him to remove the stickied thread. Yet the link still exist in his forums (here). Nothing to do with the pay per click or any other deal Paul may have (or not) with HTCCODE.com. I had the same issue as most people. No code, no response, caught the guy on the live help line, cornered him, and got my refund. It took a few hours to catch him online, but i got it. He also tried the whole " your phone is new and we need another $15 to give you a code". I also reported his site to his hosts. As his site clearly breaches what services he is offering! Stay away
  12. I used to love Sense, Manila, M2D from way back when...but when you actually and finally get a HTC and have Sense for real, i actually now dislike it. Sometimes i like it, but i prefer other widgets. I use Beautiful Widgets, granted the animated weather is not as refined as Sense (or looks as good), but i dont use that. What you will find are there are usually 2 groups of people and then a bunch of people in the middle. One side who wants their phone to look great, and show people all the time (look at this blah blah); then you get the other side who just want the fastest, sometimes latest (Bleeding Edge), light weight ROMs, with minimal apps installed to create the quick experience. Then like i said, the people in the middle who want a bit of both. Personally, i have always been on the LITE ROM side, but i like it to look good also. AdamG's Oxygen series is really cool, very small footprint and excellent performance. Think i will try the RC1 of Gingerbread later when i get home; just found my Desire at the bottom of my work bag, still on with 17% battery after a weekend of having my kids (been there since Friday). My iPhone 4 is my main phone. Battery life on my Desire is NEVER an issue! The Gingerbread Oxygen series will be awesome in my opinion. Fast, new, and something to play with (kind of). HD Gingerbread LITE would be my dream ROM, thats not happening anytime soon.......Or is it? :)
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