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  1. Just got a Lumia 800 from Vodafone as I am moving different providers. It is locked, but I really wont be using the phone as I have a 900 unlocked already anyway (from the manufacturer) how can I unlock the Lumia 800?
  2. So I got my lumia 900 from phones 4 u sim free about 3 days ago. Great stuff. question: 1) where is the best place to get insurance for the phone? 2) Sound - is there a way to increase the default sound volume (im not referring to the volume up and down button on the side of the phone but in general. kinda like the samsung omnia if you remember) Thanks!
  3. I placed an order with them 2.5 weeks ago (ish) about the lumia 900. today I just checked, seems 31 days before they can ship! WOW thats a long long time..... :(
  4. I just placed a reservation on expansys.
  5. Gotcha. Thanks. I probably misread...was too excited. *embarrased* What sites do you know of which would probably offer it sim free?
  6. Thanks awarner - sorry about that. I thought I would be trusted enough to post a link :) I'll bear in mind for the future. The reason I posted the thread was that its showing that its available and for that price however I dont see that the phone, lumia 900, has already been launched in the UK.
  7. http://www.unlocked-mobiles.com/sim-free-mobile-phones/nokia-lumia-900-sim-free-p-84055.html your thoughts?
  8. ok so... http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms885403.aspx I need: FATFS_FORCE_WRITETHROUGH = 0x00000020 and FATFS_TRANS_DATA = 0x00040000 how do I combine them?
  9. Hi all. does anyone know where to set the "ForceWriteThrough" and "TransactData" reg key on the device? I have the SD memory card formatted as TFAT but know I need to set these keys too. thanks
  10. HTC HD7 - I had all my contacts there (phone numbers etc...) and been working fine. there have been no changes or anything and for the past week all of a sudden they seem to just magically disappear. Whats going on? No changes of SIM card, no nothing. whats happening? I've probably lost half of important contacts. :(
  11. have you tried this? http://www.modaco.com/content/htc-hd-7-hd7...-usb-host-mode/ but what did you do to cause this?? you may need to take it back and get a replacement! Hopefully you didn't try to illegally flash the device ;-)
  12. Something I had discovered and thought I would share it with you all :P I've been trying to find a way to send MMS even after the device was configured using the HTC connection app to connect to T-Mobile and get all its settings etc.... but failed to send MMS So, lets say you have an HD7 (maybe other WP7 devices im not sure) and you have it unlocked (legitimatly!) so you can use a different carrier... And lets say you wanted to send MMS - you would always get the "can't send message. Try again?" error. This was because... you MUST connect to the internet (settings > mobile network > data connection > on) before sending the MMS. it then does send! It's the same with syncing emails when pressing the sync button or access the net. I guess I am used to earlier WM versions where they would automatically connect to the net and disconnect. But with WP7 you have the power/ability to control when it should connect to the net and disconnect it yourself, so applications don't get that control I guess - especially with MMS in this case. However it would be nice to have a setting where you can select to either auto connect when apps require access to the net or the current default of manual connection before apps use the net. Thought I would mention this incase if anyone had any issues!
  13. someone must know if there is an RDP client for WM7? I know there was for WM6/6.5 and 5 ....
  14. so its been 1.5 weeks or maybe slightly more since I got my replacement. but STILL no unlock code available from the htc unlock website. so my days are counting down until I can return the handset IF it develops a fault but I cannot test it because my SIM will not work on it (as I am on t-mobile). waste of money to purchase the phone now? absolutely gutted. :P Wish there was another way of unlocking the device. or obtaining the unlock code.
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