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  1. Hi I own a SPV E650 and have been trying to get the youtube player/downloader working. I have TCPMP 0.81RC1 and Flashvideobundle 1.4.4 installed, when i go to Youtube to play or save the video i keep getting the message"this video link is not valid"and the video won't start.This program used to work last year when i was using TCPMP v0.72RC1 but that doesn't work now either.Do i need to update plugins or something? Has anyone been able to play or download youtube videos using windows smartphone and TCPMP recently?Or are there any other programs to play or download .flv files directly to phone.If so could you give me instructions. Thanks Jim
  2. It's ok i got it working. I reinstalled Orange Security Unlock.Is this the same as an application unlock? Thanks Paul for the program!
  3. Hi,I have tried to run NoData.cab in the SPV E650 but it says"An Unexpected error has occurred....Error writing to the RegistryKey" Could anyone help? Is there an updated cab for the E650?What do i need to do get it running?Orange keep taking my PAYG credits when i forget to put on WIFI first!! Jim
  4. Hi,Could anyone help? On the Start screen on my Orange SPV E650 when i click on the Programs icon all i get is a blue screen.(see photo below)I am trying to install Battery Pack Pro and keep getting 'Unable to find Programs Bar or one of it's components' alert.How would i reset programs icon? Jim
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone could help me with simple instructions of how to install Java Games on my SPV E650. I got some working but it seems to take so long to install from memory card compared to my friends simpler mobile.Do i install the jar and the jad files, and where? Is there a faster Java program available for the E650? Jim

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