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  1. Hi all a newbie but trying hard. I have a Un Locked SPV M700 brought new in Shanghai (Everythings unlocked here as no providers) Works like a charm except for one pain. I can access via WIFI at any location providing free WIFI. (Hotel Lobby, Cafe etc) But I have WIFI at my home and browse internet with it. My M700 easily picks up the signal as normal and identifies the connection. But it will not connect and just times out. No one in China can be bothered to look into it and HTC customer support just ignore my email. I was told it could be that the apartment only has 800.1b and not 800/1g ? could this be reason and is it hard to open? Also advised it could be the WIFI router has a firewall preventing access (How can I check this?) Have had China Telecom who just say Don't know - should work and bye. Must be something simple but have no way of finding anybody to help. Can someone here please give some guidance ;) Ok since I am up on forumn second question. I tried to download songs onto M700 but it errors with memory full. I have a 2GB card but cannot find how to get the active sync to be directed to storage card and not phone. Den

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