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  1. yep. it's done the same thing on every rom i've tried, so assumed it was a "feature" of the xt9 that couldn't be disabled? i've resided to pressing backspace after every word i enter in this way *sigh* Gavin
  2. if you flash with an official vodafone rom, it will be branded again. follow iceman's instructions if it won't let you straight off. Gavin
  3. not very.. ther's been HI1 to 9 and HJ1 to 9 since that :/
  4. I'd like to know this too. I'm on MCR02 rom I quite liked having the mouse pointer when I needed it. I don't want it on screen permanently tho ;( Gavin
  5. I'd imagine it's because you have wifi power save mode on ? with this feature enabled, it switches off wifi when the phone goes into standby mode. Gavin
  6. just use the phone pad - it types text in the same way a normal phone does. only annoying thing is that the xt9 is nowhere near as easy to use predictive text as a nokia. Gavz
  7. there are no solutions that sem to work for everyone.. see this thread for more discussion and solutions which work for different people: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-h...creen-of-death/ Gavin
  8. the balloon is annoying, i agree. Especially as it won't go away until it's timed out, covering the screen. Especially annoying if already trying to type some text. Would be good to know how to disable it :lol: Gavin
  9. change the connections/browser connection to "automatically detect settings" it'll use wifi over gprs if it's available/connected. Gavin
  10. would be interesting to know if William does get back to you. I haven't had this issue since flashing to HI1. From what we know, it's very very random as to what causes the Omnia's BSOD. Now isolated to device.exe (at least on your's) but something or somethings must trigger device.exe to go nuts? <_< oh, and peanuts taste of crap, chicken tastes like whatever sauce you put on it ;) Gavin
  11. Yup HG3 and HI1 that definitely happens. <_< I'm going to activate power save mode now and see if i notice anything. Gavin
  12. I don't think they'd do it in store anyway, so it would have to be sent off. inconvenience. definitely better to wait for the download ;) Gavin
  13. if it locks up with a blank screen, have a search for "blank screen of death" thread.. Seems it's a fairly common problem and people have posted in there about various possible causes/fixes. Gavin
  14. I had this on the original vodafone rom once. After a soft-reset (stylus in hole next to power button), it would work again until auto-power off so was definitely a software issue rather than hardware. After a hard reset (via system settings), it was fixed. Are you sure you're hard resetting and not soft resetting?? Gavin
  15. Ignore that - soft reset and all's well with a minimal (still notceable tho) delay ;) Gavin
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