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  1. See here. It does work. But think you're missing the init.d hack
  2. Done it myself now. This is the original vold.fstab file under /etc Here is the modifed vold.fstab file I used. Basically it changes things so it doesn't mount the internal sdcard at all (commented the line out). I don't see the point as my real SDCard is more than large enough. It then mounts the real sdcard as the only sdcard in the phone. Strangely though the phone then sees this as "USB storage" rather than an SDCard. Albeit it as 32GB rather than the 1.6GB internal storage.
  3. Have rooted my phone and done the init.d hack. Can you post your vold.fstab file? I'm thinking of not even mounting the internal 1.6GB so I just have the real internal memory and my real 32Gb SDcard. But I was wondering, is there a way to repartition the phone so that the internal 1.6GB gets merged with the real internal memory of the phone? Any ideas?
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    Very happy with mine. I pre-ordered from Expansys so have had it a couple of weeks. Best phone I've had having upgraded from a HTC Desire. btw- I've no problem with GPS at all.

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