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    Newegg.com selling counterfeit Motorola headsets?

    I know this is a really old thread, but I had to reply to this because I just stumbled across it today and it's important that others know this if they've done the same. Like the OP I thought I found a good "Deal of the Day" on an H700 from a reputable dealer: TigerDirect.com. Turns out they're now selling counterfeit H700's too. Yes, it was through eBay, but apparently they just bought a large quantity and sold them "Buy It Now" only, no auction. The product sold to me as "new" arrived in a generic, unsealed plastic container that seems to be meant to fit many Bluetooth headsets. It doesn't even mention the logo or name "Motorola" once on the box and doesn't even include a manual, despite the fact that the online picture shows a real Motorola box and a manual. I just happen to own a real H700 from years ago, that has seen its days and aside from losing battery capacity and almost all of its paint, is still one of the best headsets I've ever owned. The fake unit itself looks almost-authentic, except for a relatively deep scratch in the rubber-like section of the earpiece that actually goes in the ear. The counterfeit charger had no mylar cover, as all real Motorola chargers should, and the glossy plastic actually had visible scratches. The headset still charging (on an authentic Motorola charger), as I'm curious what the actual sound quality will be like. However, I will be contacting them to return this product for a full refund, including return shipping (original S+H was free). If they refuse, I will be reporting this to Motorola and leaving negative feedback, as they clearly intended to sell this product as though it was new and authentic, while neither really seem to be true.

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