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  1. lexuz, Thank you very much. Input icon has appeared. It worked...
  2. How to add [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\Input] when cooked rom? I created registry tweak I tried but I could not achieve. Have a any idea anyone?
  3. I've solved this problem. When cooked rom, "cprog.exe" folder insert to SYS/PhoneRedist folder. I attached cprog.exe. 28xxx__dialer_fix.rar
  4. Thanks MAMBO04, Can you convert "package" format and upload here for OEM?
  5. Camera worked after the M2D v2 install. I do not understand anything!
  6. Hi, I have a problem. I cooked new wm6.5 rom, but don't work camera. when I shoot the Camera it freeze. Does anyone have a idea? Thanks..
  7. Ryrzy, Again many thanks. This kitchen is work and practical. :D
  8. Ryrzy Thanks, nice tool. I'll try soon this tool.
  9. WoZZeR999, Base Kitchen have Trojan. My antivirus program found it. Can you check Base Kitchen.
  10. grigoris_a, Great job! very nice Thankyou very much...
  11. Hi shokka9, Have you wm 6.5 base rom, for rom cooking? I want cook the wm 6.5 rom. Can you give a link for wm 6.5 base rom?
  12. Hi, I want to select my theme during rom cooking. How can I select and setting the default theme (*.tsk) when rom cooking?
  13. XRAY MAN Nice rom, but Video camera don't work. When selected video camera locked phone.
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