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  1. Dell Venue Pro http://www.clove.co.uk/dell-venue-pro Release date expected on 8th. Already have mine ordered with these guys as it was the cheapest I found at the time. Yes you can upgrade however, MS have released some "cover my arse" statements such as "needs to be of sufficient speed" and "excellent quality" etc. AFAIK a 32gb can be used but they are all slow (Class 2?) so if they are good enough, I don't think anyone in the public knows at the moment. However, I'll let you know on the 9th when my 32gb goes into my Venue :) I also don't fully buy into this raid 0 rumour on how cards are used. RAID 0 really should require the internal memory and the SD card to be the same size, this means that no "user upgradeable" phones would exist as you would for example have to remove an 8gb and replace with an 8gb. I suspect more that the phone will uncompress/unzip files onto the memory card and "overflow" on to it. Having said that yes, the previous poster was correct, a hard reboot will be required. *IF* I am right, then I also suspect strongly that a Windows PC driver will be written soon to allow you to read the SD card directly in your laptop/desktop (of course, if it is some bizare setup of RAID0, this won't be possible)
  2. First off, did Stephen Fry REALLY say that? :) Second... BOOOOO! No BIG screen qwerty phone yet for Europe as I understand the Lightning will be USA only? Please tell me I'm wrong and it will be available in a couple of weeks!? I think my HD2 is great but NOTHING can beat a keyboard when it comes to typing in IT acronyms (which I do a LOT for my job).
  3. Booo! Thanks for looking :) I had the grand idea that one Zune pass will work on your WP7, X360 and PC .... maybe I was wrong?
  4. We've had access to the Zune market place for a few weeks now (at least 2 months subs have been charged to me) but zero music available. Technicaly, I could have had them under False Advertising with TS :D Having said that, i'm gagging for Zune to populate so I can actually start using it rather than looking at a bunch of adverts for films :) edit: FLIP ME! Music has FINALY appeared on Zune UK site :) Will also hopefully be on X360 now, don't suppose anyone at home can check can they? edit2: Dissapointed we don't have the music videos though, very disapointed that the Septics get it and we don't - unless I'm being blind?
  5. Not officialy! (Its been hacked on to it though) Mmkin, you might want check google as there are a few now listed. My firm favourite is the Dell Lightning ... very similar to my HD2 but with a much needed keyboard. Linky-poos
  6. Ok, so I'm guessing this is something that does exist then and the website I read was accurate. Do you honestly find this an issue? Are you running any frontend such as SPB Mobile Shell?
  7. Hey Guys I have an Acer M900 which has 128meg ram and thats not enough when you open Opera 10b, i'm thinking of moving to the Omnia but is it worthwhile with only 60meg ram useable???? Has this been overcome with cooked roms?
  8. Thats "recommended". Very few products sell for the recommended price, unless of course its a brand new product and your an early adopter ;)
  9. So having recently moved my omnia to 6.5 i decided to add a few apps from the hints thread and found..... That CHome hide function doesn't hide and doesn't re-order either That Showaco doesn't allow for city selection, consequently the London i'm getting isn't the London, UK I live in and nothing I try works other than "London" which is picking up a USA London That System Panel is showing nothing but Red signs i.e. its unable to display system values or read them That RO THM Titanium Analogue clock just doesn't appear So, i've now tried to uninstall them and ONLY the Clock will uninstall (which as it never appeared wasn't an issue anyway). The other three won't remove/uninstall. Now, I know there are a myriad of ROMS available and the progs can't be tested against all of them .... but must I now HARD reset to get my device back rather than a screen full of rubbish? I'm using DXIA5/SHKv2 edit: Oh and Manila isn't showing any of my calender entries.
  10. Very interesting! Hopefully the keyboard slider version won't be far behind then ;)
  11. Any clues about an Omnia Pro release date for Europe/UK? I've currently got an Omnia i900 and an Acer M900 which will both go very quickly on Ebay for one of these! My i900 is simply the best WinMo device I have ever used and I have no reason to doubt the Pro will be any diferent.
  12. First off, yes. Second now stuck on "not authorised to this section" at least, thats what google recons. I *think i've regged correctly. Tbh, this is too much like hardwork....i'm off for a diferent rom.
  13. Its a shame though though that it appears that it needs to be cooked into a ROM otherwise i'd give it a go. Let me know if you find a ROM with it and i'll have a play as well....
  14. Its free, seems to offer amazing performance increase but needs to be cooked in I think, anyone tried it yet? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=530710
  15. Hi All Latest M900 is 160.WWE you can get the official firmware upgrades (although no patch notes are available) from: www.acer.com -> service and support -> Smart handheld -> M Series -> M900 (Select your model) -> OS They seem to classify them as "Smart Handhelds" and so its not immediatley obvious where they are. On the good and bad side, the M900 already has a rom uprgade before its even launched. I supose its too much to hope for the perfect O/S on a launch model and the swift release of this ROM does bode well for an aggresive support model from Acer.... fingers crossed! Happy Flashing ....
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